SMM Weekly Digest on 23-27 of October 2023

Instagram Explores Collaborative Carousel Features

Instagram is piloting a collaborative feature, allowing users to co-create carousel posts. This engagement-boosting option lets individuals add their photos or videos to another user’s carousel, allowing for a more comprehensive collection of memories or events. Notably, while anyone can contribute, the original poster maintains control over which submissions get approved.

TikTok Reveals EU User Statistics Amid New Regulatory Landscape

Under the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), TikTok has disclosed its user statistics, shedding light on its active user base across European nations. Among EU countries, France leads with 21.4 million users, followed closely by Germany and Italy. Though TikTok boasts a billion global users, these revelations, juxtaposed against its US user base, indicate that its growth might be slowing down or stabilizing.

Musk Tweaks Revenue Share Scheme for X Platform

Elon Musk has announced alterations to X’s creator ad revenue sharing mechanism. Designed to mitigate the spread of sensationalized, divisive, or fake narratives, these changes come as part of the platform’s push towards transparent, community-driven content moderation. Musk emphasizes that these measures will prevent creators from leveraging misinformation for profit, though critics argue that the platform’s reliance on the Community Notes system may not effectively stem the misinformation tide.

Twitter Mulls Over Labeling Highly Liked but Unverified Content

In a bid to tackle the spread of potential misinformation, Twitter is considering labeling tweets that garner significant attention but lack verified information. Though the move is seen as Twitter’s latest attempt to address the concerns of spreading false narratives, critics question its potential effectiveness and possible implications for freedom of speech on the platform.

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