SMM Weekly Digest on 25-29 of September 2023

X Experiments with New Pinning Features

X is developing a feature allowing users to pin diverse elements such as lists, communities, and search queries for easier in-app access. This feature aims to enhance app navigation but is a shift in user behavior that may take time to adopt.

TikTok Introduces “Creative Assistant”

TikTok’s new AI-powered “Creative Assistant” will guide advertisers in campaign creation, connecting them to relevant tools and examples in the TikTok Creative Center. The tool streamlines the process, giving marketers insights into best practices and top-performing ads in their niche.

Google Offers Web Admins AI Scraping Control

Google introduces “Google-Extended,” a feature allowing web admins to decide if Google can scrape their content for its generative AI search systems. This follows a trend of AI companies giving publishers control over their content, addressing concerns about AI replication and copyright issues.

Reddit Adjusts Ad Personalization Settings

Reddit is removing users’ ability to opt-out of personalized ads based on their activity, except in specific regions. While this change may enhance ad relevancy, it may not sit well with some users. However, Reddit is adding an option to opt-out of specific ad categories, like alcohol and dating.

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