SMM Weekly Digest on 28-01 of September 2023

YouTube Adds Shorts Links, Limits Links Elsewhere

YouTube allows creators to link their Shorts to other videos on the same channel while removing the feature to add links in the comments and descriptions to curb spam and scams. A “related video” link tool is now available for creators to drive traffic to long-form content, other Shorts, or livestreams. Analytics for link clicks will be introduced soon.

Threads Tests Keyword Search in Australia & New Zealand

Instagram is testing a keyword search feature on its Threads app in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to expand to more English-speaking countries soon. This initiative aligns with Meta’s strategy to create a more interconnected digital realm. Users in the test regions are encouraged to give feedback to help optimize the feature.

Instagram Testing 10-Minute Reels for Long-Form Video Content

Instagram is internally exploring the possibility of extending the maximum length of Reels to 10 minutes, a move poised to make it a competitor to TikTok, X, and YouTube which already offer long-form content. This adjustment could revolutionize content creation dynamics in the social media space, potentially offering new monetization strategies.

YouTube Lowers Barriers to Join Partner Program in More Countries

YouTube has relaxed the eligibility criteria for joining its Partner Program in 33 more countries, allowing creators with 500 subscribers and either 3,000 watch hours or 3 million Shorts views in the last year to apply. This change facilitates earlier access to monetization features such as channel memberships and Super Chats.

YouTube Now Allows Creators to Remove Community Guideline Strikes

YouTube introduced a policy where creators can remove Community Guideline warnings by completing educational courses. If creators adhere to the guidelines for 90 days post-completion, the warning will be expunged. This approach aims to assist creators in better understanding policy violations while maintaining the existing three-strikes rule for severe or repetitive violations.

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