SMM Weekly Digest on 30-03 of November 2023

YouTube Enhances Viewer Interaction with AI-Driven Comment Summaries

In a significant development for content creators and viewers alike, YouTube has initiated a testing phase for generative AI features, which includes the creation of topical summaries within video comments. This AI advancement is designed to foster sub-discussions and help creators tap into the audience’s interest with greater precision. A dedicated “Topics” section within comments allows for more in-depth conversation and content inspiration drawn from viewer discussions. Currently, this feature is in experimental stages, available to a select number of English videos with substantial comment sections, and YouTube Premium members can opt into this test.

Exploring Short-Form Content with YouTube’s Randomizer Test

YouTube is taking a page out of TikTok’s playbook by trialing a new Shorts discovery feature aimed at boosting user engagement with short-form content. By introducing a random feed prompt that curates content based on user behavior such as watch history and liked videos, YouTube aims to transform how users engage with the platform, potentially shifting from intentional search to spontaneous content consumption. This new approach mirrors TikTok’s successful “For You” page, signaling YouTube’s strategic pivot towards a more randomized entertainment experience.

X’s Community Notes Aims to Elevate Content Authenticity

In an effort to combat misinformation, X has launched a new feature that alerts users who have interacted with posts later updated with Community Notes. This initiative seeks to enhance content moderation by informing participants of additional context or corrections to the information they have consumed. While the effectiveness of Community Notes in addressing misleading content remains debated, X’s commitment to this system underscores its strategy to rely on community-driven vetting rather than centralized editorial intervention.

Meta Introduces Incentives for Creators Ahead of Holiday Season

As the holiday period approaches, Meta is rolling out new features and programs to empower creators with more monetization opportunities. Expanding the availability of digital gifts on Instagram to additional countries and introducing seasonal virtual gifts on Facebook exemplify this push. Moreover, an exclusive “Holiday Bonus” program rewards creators for Reels plays and photo views, incentivizing consistent content production. To further support growth, Meta has implemented a new “Subscribe” button to help creators increase their following and introduced guidance for content optimization to ensure eligibility for ad partnerships. This suite of enhancements marks Meta’s strategic focus on nurturing its relationship with creators, a cornerstone for the platform’s ongoing evolution and user retention.

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