SMM Weekly Digest on 4-8 of September 2023

TikTok Shop Officially Launches In The US

TikTok intensifies its retail strategy with the official launch of TikTok Shop in the US, a feature that integrates with leading ecommerce platforms, offering a myriad of tools for brands and creators to sell products directly within the app, and aiming to redefine the landscape of social commerce and influencer marketing. The initiative includes the introduction of shoppable videos and live streams, enhancing the shopping experience for its 150 million American users.

Screen Sharing Comes To Snapchat For Web

Snapchat takes a significant leap in its technology offerings by introducing a new screen sharing feature on its web version. This feature marks Snapchat’s venture into a domain led by Zoom and Microsoft Teams, intending to broaden its utility and possibly eyeing a share in the market dominated by more established players. The feature facilitates digital collaboration, allowing users to share their screens during calls, an attribute that might change how casual users and businesses engage on the platform.

YouTube Announces AI-Powered Creative Guidance In Google Ads

Google Ads unveils an AI-based feature designed to optimize video ad campaigns. This creative guidance, found within Google Ads, evaluates video ads against a set of best practices defined by Google, offering actionable suggestions to enhance campaign efficacy. The tool, focusing on elements like brand logo visibility and video duration, promises to be a game-changer in optimizing creative assets and boosting ROI, although it may not align with every brand’s style and strategy.

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