SMM Weekly Digest on 7-11 of August 2023

YouTube’s New Measures Against Spam

YouTube is focusing on combating spam with new linking policies. Starting from August 31, YouTube Shorts comments and descriptions will become unclickable. Also, banner links will be phased out starting August 10. YouTube is gearing up to give creators the ability to add new profile links for a more interconnected Shorts platform. The September update promises more editing & linking tools for creators.

Renee Ritchie’s YouTube Algorithm Insights

Rene Ritchie, YouTube’s Creator liaison, shed light on YouTube’s algorithm. He emphasized that the audience’s engagement shapes the algorithm, countering the belief that the algorithm alone determines a video’s success. Creators need to captivate viewers instantly, be adaptable, and employ tools like cliffhangers effectively. The trend of “premium content” signifies the audience’s desire for a richer viewing experience on YouTube.

Instagram’s Threads App Update

Instagram’s Threads app introduced six fresh features aimed at boosting user engagement. Users can now share Threads posts in Instagram Direct Messages, view a summary of their liked threads, sort their followed accounts, add alt-text to images, verify their identity on platforms like Mastodon using rel=me links, and utilize a new mention button for easy tagging on Threads. These features resonate with Instagram’s strategy to augment user engagement and personalize content.

Instagram’s Musical Ambitions

Instagram is taking on TikTok in the sound space by introducing features like Carousel Music, collaborations, and the “Add Yours” sticker. With these additions, users can engage more with musical content, create collaborative tracks, and participate in sound challenges using the sticker. These features bolster Instagram’s position as a formidable contender in the sound and music domain.

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