WordPress Launches Easy-To-Follow Course on Making Money Through Membership Sites

Are you eager to share your skills or knowledge with a community and earn from it? WordPress has something exciting for you!

WordPress has rolled out a brand-new, free course named “Membership Sites 101”. This course is a treasure trove of simple guidelines on how to build and profit from membership sites. If you’re thinking of a way to make some extra income, this course could be your perfect starting point.

What is a Membership Site?

A membership site is like a special club online where people can access exclusive information. The exciting part is, you can teach almost anything! It could be a series of yoga lessons, crafting tutorials, music classes, and much more. You can share these lessons through videos, articles, or even create an online community for your members.

Delve into Membership Sites 101

The course, which is all about easing you into the world of membership sites, spans a duration of one and a half hours. Designed keeping beginners in mind, it offers short, easy-to-digest lessons, letting you learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • Setting up Paid Content Blocks: Learn to mix free and paid content cleverly to attract more members.
  • Crafting Membership Plans: Explore different payment plans, including one-time, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. You even get to learn about the “Pay what you want” model.
  • Multiple Membership Levels: Learn to create different membership tiers, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels, or even topic-specific memberships.
  • Managing Subscriptions: Gain simple insights on managing your subscribers, tracking earnings, and handling payment plans easily.

Getting Ready to Learn

Before you dive in, make sure you have a basic grasp of how to use WordPress. It’s recommended to go through the course content twice to fully understand and grasp all the concepts presented.

Whether you are an artist, musician, craftsman, or have any skill you want to share with the world, this course can guide you on how to monetize your talent effortlessly. So, why wait? Step into the world of membership sites and open a new avenue for income with WordPress’s latest course.

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