X’s New Link Display Update

There’s uncertainty regarding when all users will witness this new change. However, there’s confirmation that X has altered the way it displays links.

The New Display Method

Previously, when a link was shared on X, it would display an accompanying image, title, and a snippet of content from the link. With the recent update, X will now only showcase the image from the linked content, overlaying the website’s name atop that image.

Reason for the Change

The modification aims to encourage users to originate and share their content on the app, rather than primarily sharing external links. By making the sharing of external links less enticing, the platform is shifting focus. Yet, for many social media managers, sharing external links is vital, often directing traffic to their own sites. The alteration might not align well with their objectives. Even though X is introducing new monetization opportunities, they might not compensate for the benefits of sharing external links.

Implications of the Update

Those who regularly share links on X may need to adapt their approach. Instead of relying solely on the linked content’s title and preview to attract attention, posts might need additional descriptions or context to convey the essence of the link.

This update might seem minor but could potentially alter user engagement rates. It’s crucial to provide clarity about shared content.

In conclusion, the new look for shared links predominantly features large images, potentially affecting the overall aesthetics of user posts. It’s essential to stay informed and adapt sharing strategies accordingly.

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