Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 26-01 of March 2024

Google Unveils “Help Me Write” AI Assistant for Chrome Browser

In a significant development on February 22, 2024, Google introduced “Help Me Write,” an AI writing assistant integrated into the Chrome browser. This innovative tool is designed to enhance user experience by suggesting context-based text, aiding in composing various forms of written content, including reviews and inquiries. Initially available to English-speaking users in the U.S., “Help Me Write” leverages Google’s Gemini model to generate suggestions relevant to the website context and the specific text field in use. With examples ranging from creating detailed classified ads to crafting early check-in requests at hotels, Google aims to simplify everyday writing tasks. This feature is part of the latest Chrome M122 update, accessible via the “Experimental AI” section in browser settings, highlighting Google’s commitment to improving digital communication efficiency.

Google Releases “Gemma”: A Laptop-Friendly Open Language Model

On February 21, 2024, Google announced the launch of “Gemma,” an open large language model based on the technology behind Gemini, optimized for use on laptops and cloud infrastructures. Available in two versions, Gemma 2B and Gemma 7B, this tool aims to democratize access to advanced AI by offering capabilities for creating chatbots, content generation tools, and more. Gemma is distinguished by its efficient design, making it ideal for developers, researchers, and commercial users under an open license. This initiative reflects Google’s commitment to responsible AI development, providing a versatile toolset for innovation while ensuring safety and responsible use. Notably, Gemma’s integration with popular development tools and its optimization for multiple AI hardware platforms underscore Google’s focus on accessibility and performance in AI technologies.

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Gemini for Google Workspace: Business and Enterprise Solutions

Google has rebranded its AI assistant Duet to Gemini, expanding its availability across Google Workspace products. Announced on February 21, 2024, Gemini facilitates natural conversations for generating ideas, summaries, and more, tailored for Workspace users. To cater to the diverse needs of its user base, Google introduced Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise pricing plans, targeting small teams and heavy AI users respectively. This strategic move aims to harness the power of generative AI for enhancing productivity and creativity in the workplace. Furthermore, Google’s emphasis on privacy, security, and copyright protection in Gemini conversations reflects its dedication to user trust and data integrity. With the roll-out of Gemini Business and Enterprise, Google sets a new standard for AI-powered workplace collaboration and innovation.

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