Free Traffic Sources to Your Website

Traffic is literally the oil of the Internet. Everyone needs it and it is never superfluous. But most of the traffic is advertising campaigns that require payment. It’s not so easy to fight for the user’s attention now, because it’s usually quite expensive to advance on the network. However, there are also free traffic sources. It is about them that we will tell in our material.

Can free traffic be called a quality one?

The answer is – not always.

By itself, traffic is an end in itself, except perhaps only for some information sites. Basically, the task of a webmaster and marketer is to convert visitors into buyers, that is, to monetize traffic. Accordingly, you need to work with such a target audience that may be interested in your product.

If site traffic is growing, and sales remain in the same place, it means that you are working with the wrong target audience. In this case, even free traffic is considered useless.

How to drive traffic to your website for free

Google Business Profile

Google on maps and in the search engine will display your organization. Companies with a completed profile are more likely to attract traffic – other things being equal, the visitor will go to the website of the company about which there is more information.

A completed company profile makes it more visible. It’s good when the profile contains photos of your business, answers to common questions, and reviews. All this attracts quality traffic – people who are potentially ready to become buyers.

It would seem that two companies are from the same industry. But the second one will be much more interesting. Everything here indicates that such a business can be trusted.

Such a traffic source has only one significant disadvantage. It is much more suitable for real business than for Internet companies.

SEO optimization

Of course, this method of promotion can only be called shareware – you still have to spend money on the work of the author of SEO articles and the webmaster who optimizes the site. But with due diligence, you can generate traffic in unlimited quantities on an ongoing basis. For example, a well-written article on a trending topic can bring customers for several years in a row.

SEO optimization includes a whole range of work, from analyzing keywords for a specific business to speeding up the loading of website pages. Getting to the top of search queries will require a lot of effort and time as there are practically no quick results here.

Catalogs and viewing platforms

Directories and rating sites are another way to get traffic to your site. Most of these platforms do not require much effort, it is enough to publish a link to the site and regularly post positive reviews. You can also work with negativity, respond to user requests, but this is already optional.

Directory placement is good for SEO. The more links and brand mentions on the Internet, the higher Google algorithms will put the site in search results.


TikTok is one of the biggest traffic sources right now. It’s quite difficult to get the promotion for free, but it’s doable. The main thing is to get into the “Recommendations”. To do this, you will have to track trends and try to repeat them in your videos.

TikTok is also good as a traffic acquisition channel for professionals. For example, artists and photographers post their content there and receive applications. The same goes for stylists, shoe manufacturers and many others.

Email marketing

Email newsletters are also free ways to attract traffic. However, the scheme of working with e-mail looks a little more complicated than it can scare away affiliates.

First of all, you need to get a subscriber base. The legal way to do this is to collect e-mail users on the site in exchange for some gifts or discounts. This only works with those who have already been a client of the company. That is, in this case, email marketing is a way to reactivate customers, and not to attract completely new ones.

Another option is to buy a base that someone has already assembled. The quality of such addresses varies from tolerable to disgusting. But the main thing is that this is considered spamming, that is, illegal.

If you have a base, then you can regularly notify it about all the news and changes in the company. It is important not just to bombard subscribers with letters about the slightest updates, but to prepare useful and interesting content.

Email marketing is a real art. You have to devote time to writing, think about content, select pictures, typeset. This task is quite elaborate.


Quora is a question and answer service. Questions are expected to be answered by experts in a particular field. But in addition to creating the image of a professional, answers to Quora also help to attract traffic to the site.

The main advantage of Quora is to attract users to your site from the first day. The fact is that the rules of the service allow you to use links to sites in your answers. Thus, you can promote your own resource as long as your answers are good.

However, this is the difficulty of working with the site as you really need to understand the subject. The answer must be exhaustive and original, only then it will get enough votes and go to the top. At the same time, you need to answer not with an academic article, but with a simple and lively language, that is, be able to explain complex things.

At the very beginning, Quora offers you to choose one of the five subjects that interest you. You can choose a topic suitable for promoting your business.


Reddit works in the same way as Quora, but is not limited to just questions and answers. Here you can share memes, life stories, and funny content. At the same time, there are several times more visitors here than on Quora.

The main thing on Reddit is to get enough karma. Karma here is considered a measure of the authority of an account. You can earn it with accurate, original and popular posts and comments. To use a Reddit account to get traffic, you need to have at least 1000 karma and 100 comments. And no matter how quickly you earn them, you can be freshly registered.

The number under the comment is karma. Users earned it a lot and quickly, most likely, the topic was hot.

Choose a topic that is as close as possible to the promoted product. At the same time, you should not litter with links as this can be mistaken for targeted advertising, which is punishable by a ban. At the same time, the text in posts and comments should be written using keywords. This will help users find you on the forum.


Facebook is still one of the most popular social networks in the world. There is less activity than on Instagram or TikTok, but most niches can still be promoted. Facebook is considered a slightly more serious and age-old social network. If you work with millennials and older, then FB is suitable for attracting traffic.

To attract users to the site, you will have to create your own group where you will post useful and interesting content. This group will serve as a kind of pad before going to the site. Moreover, in other groups and publics there are different rules – sometimes it is simply forbidden to leave third-party links.

Comment spam also works, though not as well as it did 10 years ago. Now, such advertising should be more meaningful since it is best to engage in a dialogue with users and only then provide a link to the site.

Guest posting

Guest posting is the posting of content on sites that do not belong to you. For the site owner, this means good content and SEO promotion, and for you, it means a high-quality backlink and the opportunity to show the brand from the good side.

The main thing in guest posting is to negotiate with the right site. Low-quality sites easily accept guest posts, for them it’s free content. You need either authoritative platforms like national-level media, or industry-specific platforms. Next is a matter of technology. The content should be competent, useful and unique – as well as on the “native” site.

Main points

  • Free traffic is not always high quality. Good traffic should convert from visitors to buyers.
  • Even free ways to attract traffic require some work – you need to put time into working with them.
  • It makes sense to start with filling out a Google business profile, basic SEO optimization and placement in various directories and review sites. Such methods of promotion are relatively simple and will not take much time.
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