How to check the statistics

There are different types of reports in your personal account at the right vertical panel you can use them to control and analyze your activity. Such as summary full, report promo materials, report players.

Reports summary

This report gives us a brief of key rates: views, clicks, registrations, CTR, number of deposits, profit, commission amount and so on for a concrete date or time period. To get this report you need to fill in currency cite to choose one if you have several of them period random or concrete and click «generate report». 

Full report

Full report it gives us detailed information about effectiveness of traffic conversions from concrete resource. Here we get the detailed statistics presented separately for each site. To get this report you need to fill in currency site to choose period and the appropriate numbers of analysis indicators. This report includes 20 different rates and click generate report. This report can be exported in two formats Excel and CSV.

Promo materials

Report banners report helps partners to track profitability of using banner advertising. To get this report you should do the same steps and add promo type and sub ID. This report can also be exported Excel and CSV. He includes 22 rates.

Players report

Our affiliate program also provides players report about users that pass by your links. They are the main source of income for the partner. To get this report you take standard steps and fill in additional fields: player ID, country and campaign and also check boxes «only new players» and «non depositing players only». Report includes 13 rates you can choose which of them to hide and it’s also available to download in Excel or CSV.

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