Meta’s New Tools for Making Ads

Meta is bringing out new tools to help people who make ads. These tools use AI, which is a kind of smart computer thing, to help make ads in better and faster ways.

What Do These Tools Do?

  • Background Maker: This lets people make many different backgrounds for their product photos.
  • Picture Size Changer: This changes the size of photos so they look good on places like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Word Changer: This makes different versions of the words for ads. It takes the original words and then gives more word options to make the ad better.

Did People Like the Tools?

Some people have tried these tools already. They said they could save a lot of time every week, like five hours or even more. These people also said that these tools let them make more kinds of ads quickly.

But, they also said the tools need some changes. They want the tools to feel more like their own company’s style. So, Meta knows they have more work to do.

What Will Happen Next?

Next year, Meta will use these tools even more. They made them because they want to do better than other companies, like TikTok. And Meta wants to work with the people who make ads to make sure the tools are really good and safe.

In short, Meta is making new tools to help people make ads faster and in new ways.

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