Meta Offers Paid Verification for Business Accounts

What’s New with Meta’s Verification?

Tech giant Meta, previously known for its creator verification program, is taking another step forward. They’re introducing a “Meta Verified for Business” package.

What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses can now purchase a verified checkmark, adding an air of authority to their accounts. But there’s a catch: selling these checkmarks might dilute their actual value.

Price Points

  • Individual Creators: $11.99 per month (web) or $14.99 (app).
  • Businesses: $21.99 per month for Instagram or Facebook (web) or $27.99 (app). A combined Facebook and Instagram package comes at $34.99.
  • New: Meta has introduced a combo pack for creators as well, priced at $19.99 (web).

Compared to X’s high-priced verification for organizations, Meta’s offer is a bargain.

Special Perks for Verified Businesses

One interesting feature is the promise that verified businesses will discover new avenues of being featured. It’s not entirely clear what this entails, but brands might find it beneficial.

Concerns with the Program

The broader the program becomes, the less exclusive and prestigious the verification mark will appear. Essentially, when everyone can buy credibility, it might diminish the trust and credibility the checkmark once represented.

Another hiccup? Despite being a selling point, Meta’s direct support for its verification service has seen some users dissatisfied.

The Future of Social Media Verification

Selling verification badges might seem counterintuitive. It’s likely the badge’s value will diminish over time as more get access to it. But if this move represents a shift toward subscription-based social media platforms, it could change the game for brands and users alike.

In conclusion, Meta’s business verification program is on the horizon, and it’ll be interesting to see its impact and acceptance in the market.

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