PPC Weekly Digest on 01-05 of January 2024

Google SGE and Generative AI in Search: The Future of Online Queries in 2024

The landscape of online search is poised for a revolutionary change with Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE). This AI-powered search tool has been a focal point for Google, aiming to enhance user experience with faster response times and innovative ad formats. SGE, initially set to conclude in December 2023, has now been extended indefinitely, signaling Google’s commitment to integrating AI in search functionalities. The platform is expected to offer new opportunities for content discovery and impact organic search traffic significantly.

Consumers are increasingly leaning towards AI-powered search options, with surveys indicating a growing trust in AI for delivering unbiased and factual search results. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, has emphasized the company’s priority to evolve search with AI, noting positive user feedback and plans for further enhancements, including incorporating videos and images into responses. Google also plans to introduce new ad placements in SGE, ensuring ads remain relevant and helpful within this new search experience.

Google Tightens Ad Policy to Ban Price Gouging and Victim-Blaming

In a move towards ethical advertising, Google is set to update its ad policy in February 2024. This change aims to address and prevent exploitation during sensitive world events. The updated policy will clearly define what constitutes a “sensitive event” and prohibit ads that engage in price gouging, misdirect traffic, or blame victims in these contexts. This initiative is part of Google’s broader effort to promote responsible advertising and curb misinformation and exploitation on its platforms, especially during times of crisis such as natural disasters, public health emergencies, or social conflicts.

The policy update demonstrates Google’s commitment to maintaining a balance between providing timely information, supporting online services through advertising, and limiting harmful or insensitive content during critical moments. For advertisers and publishers, these changes underscore the importance of adhering to evolving guidelines to stay compliant.

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