PPC Weekly Digest on 15-19 of January 2024

Google Updates Sensitive Events Policy

Google has announced a significant update to its Sensitive Events Policy, set to take effect in February 2024. This revision aims to provide a more comprehensive definition of what constitutes a “sensitive event” and extends its scope beyond ads and YouTube monetization to include Google’s publisher network. The policy is designed to combat exploitation during crises, such as natural disasters, public health emergencies, or acts of terrorism, by prohibiting practices like price gouging, misdirected traffic, and victim blaming. Google’s commitment to responsible advertising is evident in this move, balancing the need for timely information and ethical conduct during major world events.

Analyzing Performance Max and Search Ads

Jonathan Kagan, a seasoned expert in search marketing, presents an insightful, though non-scientific, analysis of Google’s Performance Max (PMax) advertising compared to traditional Search ads. Kagan’s exploration, born out of a real-world scenario when a client paused PMax, reveals intriguing data on the interaction and impact of PMax on search ad performance. The analysis suggests that while PMax does influence brand search campaigns, the overall effect can be positive, leading to lower aggregate cost-per-click and higher conversion rates. This finding challenges the notion that PMax competes with or cannibalizes search ads, instead proposing a synergistic relationship when both are used concurrently.

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