PPC Weekly Digest on 26-01 of March 2024

Google Unveils AI-Powered Image Generation for Performance Max Campaigns

Google has officially announced the launch of AI tools designed to enhance Performance Max campaigns by automating the creation of text and image assets. This suite of features, which had been previewed in November, is now globally available in English, with plans to extend support to additional languages. The update introduces new capabilities powered by Google’s Gemini and Imagen 2 AI models, aimed at generating sophisticated text assets and high-quality marketing visuals. Google emphasizes the importance of creative diversity, noting that campaigns with a wider variety of high-quality assets tend to perform better, as evidenced by a 6% average increase in conversions for ads rated ‘Excellent’ in Ad Strength.

Consent Mode Version 2: Google Tightens EU Consent Requirements

In light of stricter consent requirements in the European Economic Area (EEA), Google has introduced Consent Mode version 2 (v2), necessitating advertisers to update their settings by March 2024 to maintain functionality for personalized and remarketed ads. This update is crucial for advertisers seeking to comply with Google’s EU User Consent Policy and continue leveraging Google’s ad personalization and remarketing features. Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin advises advertisers to transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to benefit from its new consent settings and enhanced conversions feature, which promises a more comprehensive understanding of conversion behaviors.

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Google Cracks Down on Impersonation in Advertising

Starting in March 2024, Google will enforce stricter policies against impersonation and false affiliations in advertisements. This move aims to curb deceptive practices by advertisers falsely claiming associations with well-known entities to mislead users. Violations of this policy will result in severe repercussions, including account suspension and a permanent ban from using Google Ads. This policy update is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for users, emphasizing the company’s commitment to combating misleading advertising practices and enhancing user safety online.

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