SEO Weekly Digest on 05-09 of February 2024

Google Confirms Indexing Delay for Select Sites

Google has acknowledged an ongoing issue that has led to delays in the indexing of content for a small number of websites. The problem, which began around 11:30 pm ET on Monday, has affected various publishers, content creators, and news organizations, slowing down the process of getting new content indexed and appearing in search results. Despite efforts to mitigate the issue, Google stated that their systems were stabilizing but a complete fix was still in progress, with further updates expected within 48 hours. This confirmation comes after numerous reports from SEO professionals and web admins about unindexed content, highlighting the challenges faced by publishers in ensuring timely visibility on the search engine.

John Mueller Discusses Syndication and Canonical Sources

John Mueller of Google provided clarity on the handling of syndicated content and its impact on ranking signals. Addressing inquiries about whether syndicated partners could receive SEO benefits designated for original publishers, Mueller explained the complexity of canonical tags and Google’s use of them. Google’s stance is to reward the page recognized as canonical, which could mean that syndication partners might not always pass SEO value back to the original source. This guidance suggests a nuanced approach to managing syndicated content, urging publishers to use meta noindex tags on partner sites to ensure original content retains its ranking signals.

Launch of Google’s ‘Circle to Search’ on Android Devices

Google introduces ‘Circle to Search’, a novel search feature enhancing mobile user experience on select Android phones, including the new Pixel 8 series and Samsung Galaxy S24. This feature allows users to search the web for information on text or images through simple gestures like circling or highlighting, without the need to switch apps or type queries. Aimed at streamlining information retrieval across various contexts—from shopping and travel to answering complex questions—’Circle to Search’ signifies Google’s push towards more intuitive and integrated search capabilities on mobile devices, offering a glimpse into the future of digital interaction and content discovery.

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