SEO Weekly Digest on 18-22 of March 2024

Skepticism Surrounds Predicted Search Volume Decline Due to AI Chatbots

In a detailed analysis, Roger Montti of SEJ challenges the prediction that AI chatbots will lead to a 25% reduction in search volume by 2026. Montti argues that the current infrastructure of AI technology does not support the creation of a constantly updated search index, essential for real-time web content analysis. He points out the limitations of generative AI, the economic viability of true AI search engines, and the evolving nature of traditional search engines which are increasingly integrating AI to enhance search relevance. Montti’s critique extends to the practical application and user trust in AI chatbots, suggesting that Gartner’s prediction might not fully grasp the nuanced reality of search engine technology and user behavior.

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LinkedIn’s Innovative SEO Strategy Through Collaborative Articles

Roger Montti highlights LinkedIn’s successful SEO strategy leveraging AI, machine learning, and the expertise of human contributors. Through the Collaborative Articles feature, LinkedIn has generated 10 million pages of expert content within a year, significantly increasing its visibility on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). This strategy utilizes LinkedIn’s vast network of subject matter experts and an AI-driven conversation starter tool to produce high-quality, authoritative content. Montti praises this approach for its focus on expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, noting its potential implications for SEO practices.

Google’s Emphasis on Quality Content Over Crawl Budget

Matt G. Southern reports on Google’s clarification regarding the importance of content quality in determining crawl frequency. Contrary to the common belief in a fixed crawl budget, Google’s Search Relations team explains that the search engine prioritizes crawling based on the quality and user-centric nature of content. This insight suggests that focusing on creating high-quality content is more effective for SEO than managing a supposed crawl budget, emphasizing the dynamic nature of Google’s crawling algorithms and their alignment with user search demand.

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Google Search Console Introduces INP Metric for Enhanced User Experience

Google has added the Interaction to Next Paint (INP) metric to the Core Web Vitals report in Google Search Console, reports Matt G. Southern. This update marks a significant shift in how Google assesses web interactivity, with INP replacing First Input Delay (FID) to offer a more comprehensive understanding of user experience. Southern discusses the implications for web developers and the broader SEO community, emphasizing the need for websites to optimize for this new metric to maintain or improve their search rankings and user engagement.

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