SMM Weekly Digest on 01-05 of January 2024

LinkedIn Enhances Learning Tools with AI-Based Features

LinkedIn is advancing its educational offerings by integrating generative AI into its LinkedIn Learning platform. The new features include a coaching element that guides users through their learning journey, personalized to their career stage and specific skills such as delegation. This AI-driven approach taps into LinkedIn’s extensive learning database, providing tailored advice and course recommendations. Additionally, LinkedIn is gamifying the learning experience with engaging video content, knowledge checks, and progress streaks. The platform is also offering course suggestions aligned with users’ job preferences and alerts, further tailoring the learning experience to individual career goals.

Reddit’s Ambitious IPO and Valuation Goals

Reddit is reportedly planning to launch its IPO in 2024 with a target valuation of $15 billion, despite having fewer daily active users (DAUs) and lower ad revenue compared to its competitors like Snapchat and X. This valuation is ambitious, considering Reddit’s DAUs have increased from 52 million in 2021 to 70 million, but it’s still far behind its peak of around 200 million daily actives years ago. The platform has undergone significant changes, including stricter moderation and the removal of offensive content, which has led to a more sanitized and brand-safe environment, thereby increasing ad spend. However, Reddit’s growth and ad revenue run rate still lag behind other major social media platforms.

X’s Leadership Challenges and the Need for a New CEO

The article criticizes the current leadership of X, particularly focusing on Linda Yaccarino, who is seen as a “CEO in name only” due to the overbearing influence of owner Elon Musk. The piece argues that Yaccarino, despite her significant experience, has been unable to assert her authority or effectively counter Musk’s controversial decisions and statements. This has led to a decline in the platform’s ad revenue and a loss of ad partners. The author suggests that for X to recover and regain its footing in the ad business, a new CEO capable of standing up to Musk and appealing to brand leaders is needed. The article raises concerns about whether Yaccarino can change her approach and demonstrate stronger leadership to steer the company in a more stable direction.

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