SMM Weekly Digest on 11-15 of March 2024

TikTok Celebrates International Women’s Day with New Initiatives

In a significant move to honor International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, TikTok has unveiled a series of activations and programming. The social media giant is launching the #WomenOfTikTok Creator Program to support female creators in breaking barriers and fostering inspiration. This three-month initiative will offer participants exclusive programming and educational opportunities aimed at enhancing their content creation skills. Additionally, TikTok is organizing a virtual bootcamp for female business owners to maximize their marketing strategies on the platform, along with a LIVE session featuring insights from successful women entrepreneurs. A dedicated content hub for International Women’s Day will serve as a central point for users to explore these various activations. Through its new campaign “The Power of We,” TikTok aims to spotlight and celebrate the achievements of female creators, demonstrating its commitment to supporting diverse communities amidst challenges to its platform.

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LinkedIn Introduces Tools for Career Advancement Amidst Generative AI Rise

LinkedIn has announced the launch of “Next Role Explorer” among other tools aimed at assisting employees in navigating their career paths within their current organizations. This initiative comes in response to the increasing influence of generative AI in the job market. Next Role Explorer will help employees visualize potential career advancements based on their goals and the experiences of others within their company. LinkedIn’s approach involves offering personalized learning curriculums to facilitate transitions into new roles or advancements in current positions. These efforts underscore LinkedIn’s unique capability to leverage its comprehensive career progression data to provide valuable insights and opportunities for professional growth.

Meta Prepares for Messaging Interoperability in Europe

As the European Union’s new anti-monopoly regulations take effect, Meta is finalizing updates to Messenger and WhatsApp to allow for interoperability with other messaging services. This development will enable EU users to send and receive messages across different platforms, including Signal and Line. Meta’s commitment to maintaining full end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and ensuring user security is evident in its adoption of the Signal protocol for these communications. The initial phase will include text messaging, image sharing, voice messages, and videos, with plans to expand to group chat functionality in the future. This move is part of the broader EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) aimed at fostering fair competition and preventing market dominance by major players.

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LinkedIn Evaluates Generative AI Feature Impact

LinkedIn has shared insights into its methodology for assessing the value and impact of its generative AI features on the platform. With a focus on avoiding the facilitation of misleading content, LinkedIn is measuring the effectiveness of features like Collaborative Articles, profile writing suggestions, and AI tools for Premium users. The platform relies on human reviews, in-product feedback, and usage metrics to gauge the success and relevance of these AI-driven initiatives. LinkedIn’s active exploration of generative AI across various aspects of the platform highlights its commitment to innovation while navigating the challenges of ensuring authentic and valuable user experiences.

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