SMM Weekly Digest on 15-19 of January 2024

TikTok’s Innovative AI Search Feature

TikTok, a leading social media platform, is poised to revolutionize its app with the introduction of generative AI search. This feature, already being tested in its Chinese counterpart Douyin, promises to enhance user discovery both within and outside the app. Unlike traditional search methods, TikTok’s AI Search will offer answers from within the app’s content and external websites, thereby broadening the scope of user queries. This development indicates TikTok’s commitment to leveraging AI technology for more practical and expansive user interactions.

Meta’s Ambitious AI Expansion

Meta, the tech giant behind Facebook and Instagram, is ramping up its focus on artificial intelligence (AI). CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared insights into the company’s AI-driven future, which includes significant investment in backend technology. Meta aims to develop Automated General Intelligence (AGI), capable of self-thought and suggestion of new options. This initiative marks a strategic shift for Meta, with potential applications in creating virtual environments and enhancing user experiences across its various platforms.

Clarification on X’s Promotion of MrBeast’s Video

Recent speculation about the promotion of MrBeast’s video on the social media platform X has been addressed by the company. Contrary to rumors, X clarified that it is not engaging in ‘shadow boosting’, but rather promoting pre-roll ads within the video. Despite this clarification, concerns have been raised about X’s representation of data and user engagement metrics, which has implications for the platform’s credibility and trustworthiness among users and advertisers.

YouTube’s Thumbnail A/B Testing: A Boon for Creators

YouTube is set to launch a new feature that could significantly benefit content creators. The platform has announced the introduction of A/B thumbnail testing, allowing creators to upload different thumbnail variations for their videos and determine the most effective one based on viewer engagement. This feature, currently in expanded testing, is expected to be a valuable tool for optimizing video performance and attracting more viewers. YouTube’s ongoing commitment to improving user experience and content visibility is evident in this upcoming addition.

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