Google Ads (Adwords) Accounts Farming

The main problem of traffic arbitrage in Facebook and Google Ads is the constant lack of advertising accounts. You simply can’t do anything with one of your accounts, you need a lot of them for mass campaigns. Alternatively, accounts with high system trust can be bought, but this is expensive and not always reliable. But you can also “warm up” advertising accounts on your own, preparing them for work. We will tell you how to do this in our material.

Why Google Ads Accounts Are Necessary

“Warmed up” advertising accounts are a reduced possibility of a ban. If the system believes that the account is used by one person without automation services, then it will check his actions to a lesser extent. And this means that “gray” offers can sometimes pass.

Another such account is an extended billing feature. A large number of payments in the account naturally arouses Google’s suspicion. However, with a high level of trust, the algorithms will allow you to make more payments.

Finally, accounts with a high reputation are much easier and faster to communicate with moderators. If you need to appeal some of their actions, a fresh account can wait weeks for a response. But the heated one will be answered quickly, and the decision will most likely be positive.

How to prepare for farming

To go directly to warming up your account, you need to take several important steps:

  • Pick up proxy addresses from the region where you will be advertising. IP must be static, so give up the mobile Internet. You should also not indicate your personal IP, the campaign may generate an error.
This happens when the affiliate specifies an IP address that is not from the region where the advertising campaign will be launched.
  • Pick up anti-detect browsers. As a rule, free services perform rather poorly. Indigo, Adspower, Dolphin work well. In general, all paid versions are more or less good – there should be no problems with detection.
  • Rent a phone number to receive an SMS about registration. There are no special recommendations for choosing, the main thing is from the region where the ad will be shown.
You should not even try to use free numbers as Google will recognize them and will not allow you to use them.
  • Choose payment methods. Ideally, this should be a bank card as it causes the least problems with it. Again, it must be from the ad’s broadcast region.
  • Opt out of automation services. Google easily recognizes machine actions as it’s better to spend time and raise the reputation of your account yourself.

Detailed farming process

Farming accounts can literally be painted by day.

Day 1. Create a new profile in the anti-detect browser, and create new mail from it. It should not be a very popular mail service like Gmail or Yandex. It is better to choose Yahoo, Outlook or iCloud. Next, you need to collect as many cookies as possible by visiting different sites. Which ones are not important, so far Google is not trying hard with such a check. The main thing is for them to be popular.

Day 2. From the same profile in the anti-detect browser, create a Gmail mail. Keep collecting cookies, there are more to collect here. Ideally, you should visit about a hundred sites – there must be some regional ones. You can make commercial requests like “buy sneakers in Chicago.” If there are any regional forums, register on them with this mail, but do not touch the registration confirmation letters yet.

Day 3. Register an account in Google Ads from the previous day’s mail. Keep visiting different sites, 20-30 pieces will be enough. You need to register there using Gmail.

Day 4. Start using Google services. You can use cloud, calendar, documents, maps. Do a few simple steps there, as with normal requests. Continue to visit sites and set cookies as you did the previous day.

Day 5. As on the previous day, you need to go to the sites and register there through Gmail. In addition, you need to go to Google News, checking there for news from the region of your choice. Do also search queries, about 10-15 pieces. You need to go to sites and click on ads. It is important not to immediately turn off the page, it is worth hanging on it for several minutes, as if making a choice. You also need to register through the same Gmail on YouTube, subscribe to some channels, put likes and comments.

Day 6: Respond to Gmail emails. Repeat the previous day and watch YouTube in minimized mode. Link your payment details to Google Ads and use them to make some kind of purchase – for example, stock photos. This is necessary for Google to evaluate the validity of the payment instrument.

All these actions should be continued for another week. You can interrupt for a couple of days – it is important not to allow the monotony of actions, similar to automation services.

The next step is the first advertisement. It must be “whitelisted” as any suspicious formats and creatives are excluded. Advertising can be in a highly competitive environment – then $ 10-15 on the Google Ads account will be spent quickly. After the completion of the trial advertising campaign, the warm-up is actually completed, you can only wait another week and launch your account fully.

Useful tips for farming

  • Do differentiations. Do not perform repetitive, monotonous actions. Filling out a profile in a matter of seconds is also not necessary – it is worth spending time on each action, like a real person.
  • Prepare real person data if possible.
  • Fill in as much information about yourself as possible. If possible, enable two-factor authentication.
  • Upload a video to YouTube or start a live broadcast. The topic must be “whitelisted”, without cryptocurrencies or financial schemes.
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