The Best AI Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to attract new customers through partners who advertise about the company. This method of promotion benefits both the advertiser, who optimizes costs, and partners who earn on promotion.

In 2024, artificial intelligence will become the main global trend. Technologies based on it are used in design, copywriting, programming and a number of other areas. Obviously, it can be used in affiliate marketing as well. In our material, we will talk about how AI services can be used in affiliate marketing to make your work easier.

AI capabilities for marketing


Strictly speaking, AI technologies are already being used by tech giants like Google and Amazon. They are engaged in forecasting, they calculate financial results for the season, calculate affiliate commissions, and optimize promotion. Such large-scale goals require a lot of computing power. It is expensive and not available to every business. However, there are a number of AI-powered predictive services that can provide insights to your business. Among them, for example, Scaleo is a service for tracking and optimizing affiliate marketing processes in real time.

Scaleo tracks multiple affiliate marketing metrics at once


AI is also used for copywriting. Such services can write text according to the given parameters – and the best of them will write quite tolerably. The same ChatGPT with minor edits is used even to defend diplomas at universities. Services based on artificial intelligence will write the text much faster than copywriters and will cost less. However, it is worth considering that they do not provide the unique perspective that a real, human, copywriter provides. AI services are great for things that require data analysis and compilation, such as white papers.


Roughly the same applies to design – AI services can design a poster, landing page, booklet. But they are more likely to make a design based on existing examples – there will not be anything really unique there. However, for most tasks this is not required.

Recommender systems

AI-based technologies can reveal user preferences. Thus, the services may offer personalized selections of products or rearrange the functionality and appearance according to the user’s choice.

The simplest and most well-known example is recommendation systems in music services like Spotify. They analyze the tracks that users like and produce similar music. As a result, the tape becomes personalized – it is highly unique for each person.

Virtual assistants and chatbots

Artificial intelligence can also take over the support function. Chatbots can simultaneously conduct dozens and hundreds of conversations. Such “smart assistants” process requests faster than operators so this technology is suitable for large businesses. True, so far AI cannot understand everything thoroughly. For example, the bot may encounter unintelligible speech – then the request will still have to be passed to the operator. However, the technology will save support specialists from solving routine tasks. Yes, and customers will resolve issues faster.

In fact, AI is being used in a range of marketing and automation-related tasks such as email marketing, personal link building, user support, and more. It is easier to name an area where AI is not used.


AI also optimizes ads. Artificial intelligence technologies help improve impressions, select the most relevant creatives, and refine the target audience. Similar mechanisms already work in Google and Facebook.

Google Performance Max is an AI system that manages ads across all Google platforms. To launch an advertising campaign, it is enough to provide creatives and specify the target audience – the system will do the rest.

The Best AI Tools for Affiliate Marketing


Frase is a platform for creating SEO-optimized content based on artificial intelligence. The service offers a wide variety of features:

Creation of SEO texts from scratch. These can be articles for a blog or descriptions in online stores, there is no difference for a service.

Text optimization. Helps improve the quality of text materials through style tips and SEO.

Analysis. Compares text with competitors in terms of length, readability, tonality, and a number of other parameters.

Assistance in creating content in real time. The service integrates with CMS and provides recommendations to site owners.

The main advantage of the service is its speed. Frase creates ready-made content on a given topic in minutes. The copywriter does this several times slower. You can include any number of keys and parameters in the TOR – the service will take them all into account. Simple mechanical work can be completely outsourced to Frase. But articles where you need to work with experts and provide a unique perspective will still have to be assigned to the authors.

Frase starts at $14.99 per month.


Synthesia is a text-to-video platform. It creates ready-made videos from a single text description. The service database has 85 virtual avatars that will act as announcers in commercials. Synthesia syncs digital voice overs with audio recordings to make the video look like it was specially created by expensive animators.

The service has an online constructor and 55 ready-made video templates. In fact, for any training video, you can simply take one of them and use it without any knowledge of editing and special effects. The only negative is that the length of the video cannot exceed three minutes, which is clearly not suitable for a complex briefing.

Synthesia also has a PowerPoint-to-video function. It allows you to turn a presentation into a professional-quality video in a matter of minutes. The service also allows you to use the created video as a template, it can be used, for example, when updating the product.


MailChimp is a world famous mailing list service. Recently, he has also introduced artificial intelligence technologies. The service actively collects information about users and uses it to solve email marketing tasks. Based on this data, he gives recommendations on the audience of the newsletter, its content and targeted actions.

The service also has a content generator, roughly speaking, it can prepare several versions of letters based on the terms of reference. It is worth noting that such letters still require refinement and personalization, but even so, this greatly facilitates the work of marketers. The feature is still in beta testing, so it will be much better by the main launch.

MailChimp is also great because it easily integrates with any CMS and almost any business services.

MailChimp also has a free version, but paid features start at $13 per month.


Adscook is an AI-powered tool that turns your product photos into banner ads. For the service to work, you only need an image of the product. It can also be on a white background. Based on it, Adscook generates hundreds of banner ads on various backgrounds that can be used in any campaign.

Adscook is mainly used on Instagram and Facebook. In addition to generating various images, the service has many other functions that automate the work of a marketer. So, Adscook can independently run a campaign, setting up ads to be shown by time and audience. In addition, the platform collects a wide variety of ad performance data. This analysis helps evaluate the campaign and make informed decisions on how to proceed.

Finally, the service allows you to run certain actions when triggers occur. For example, if an ad gets 1000 views, it is automatically replaced with another one.

Adscook costs $29 per month, provided that the user spends no more than $5,000 per month on advertising. There are also more expensive plans with a higher advertising spend limit.


Scaleo is a service for creating an affiliate program. It is of interest primarily to advertisers – the service allows you to quickly and for little money create a reliable structure with a variety of offers. Scaleo allows you to customize the user interface of the platform to better suit your business, you can put other colors and logos.

Artificial intelligence in Scaleo is used for traffic analysis. The service introduced its own patented Anti-Fraud Logic technology, which detects fraudulent traffic. So, if one of your partners launches bots and gets clicks, the service will show it. In general, their analysis and evaluation tools are extremely effective – Scaleo will show which traffic channel is really working, and which one is not worth spending time on.

Finally, Scaleo has a clear control panel that is easy to understand for a person with no experience in marketing. And if something is not clear, support specialists will help, they are also very praised.

Scaleo is not cheap. It starts from $299 per month. However, it is intended for companies, not for private professionals.

Main Points

  • AI technologies are not just a trend, but a real revolution in a number of areas. They help to greatly simplify and automate the work.
  • Artificial intelligence is fully used in marketing and advertising, and not only by the largest corporations like Google.
  • A number of affiliate marketing services are available now, with a range of options, from automatic video generation to mailing lists.
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