Buy Backlinks the Right Way in 2024

Backlinks for SEO are one of the most important ranking factors. Previously, it was enough just to buy links in sufficient quantities to reach the first position in the search results. Now everything looks a little different. In our article, we will talk about backlinks. Why they are needed and whether they are worth buying in 2024.

What are the backlinks

Backlinks are links that direct users to your site from other sites. Backlinks affect rankings in search engines, as it is akin to quoting. The more other sites link to your site, the more authoritative and significant it seems in the “eyes” of algorithms.

Getting backlinks is not easy, you need to be placed in directories, develop social networks, create useful content, post reviews. All this is a long and not always successful process. Another option is to buy backlinks.

It is assumed that backlinks on the site appear naturally, when one resource owner liked something on the other and decided to leave a link to this content. But all the same happens for money. For example, it can be in the form of guest participation in the blog. Previously, more artisanal methods also worked, which meant simply placing links in a list on the site. Now they no longer work.

The main problem with buying backlinks is that Google prohibits their use for SEO. That is, the process itself is not banned, but spamming backlinks or requiring you to put a link on social networks or on another site as part of the service can lead to various restrictions from Google.

Why to buy backlinks

Saving time. Natural link building is a matter that can take several months, if not years. You need to create good content that you want to share, lead social networks and much more. Almost the same results can be achieved by purchasing backlinks. Less work-same results.

Fast results. Any SEO-processes are long. To bring the site to the top of the issue in the region, you need to work with it for six months or more. But buying backlinks greatly speeds up reaching the first positions – you can achieve results much faster.

Process clarity. Strictly speaking, natural link building is not a process with a 100% known result. You can create good content, but no one will share it. Buying a backlink is a more understandable and effective solution.

Types of backlinks

Not all links are the same and have the same weight. There are several types:

  • Nofollow. A link of this type does not transfer its weight to another site by default. For Google, it serves more as a hint, sometimes it can help in ranking. But for SEO promotion, such links are almost useless.
  • Dofollow. The situation is exactly the opposite. Here the resource transfers trust to PageRank to another site. Google takes these links into account when ranking your site.
  • Sponsored. You get such links mainly from bloggers and well-known sites, this is how they tell Google that the money, product or service was received in exchange for the link. For SEO, such backlinks are useful, but search algorithms can limit the site, which will have too many links of this kind.
  • Ugc. Such a link is posted not by a webmaster, but by a simple user, for example, in a correspondence on a forum or on a social network. Quite appreciated for building reference mass.
  • Highly authoritative. These are considered links that come from absolutely reliable sources, for example, the New York Times or the Washington Post. The search engine will trust them 100%.
  • Toxic. Links that are in violation of Google’s policies are paid or sponsored, but not marked accordingly. These include links from low-quality directories or mortgage sites. Toxic links seriously harm the ranking of a site.

For SEO promotion, Nofollow and Sponsored links are the safest. High-authority links are hard to come by, and UGCs are suspicious in search engines if they appear in large numbers.

How to choose and buy backlinks

By 2024, the era of SEO promotion, when you could get into the top just by buying backlinks, is a thing of the past. Now buying backlinks is even harmful in the long run. But there are some industries in which it is simply impossible to compete without such a purchase. For example, businesses in finance, insurance, and gambling buy backlinks by the millions. Therefore, you can buy backlinks, given several important nuances.


It makes sense to buy links according to the “do no harm” principle, so that the site does not lose positions in search results due to such a purchase. Therefore, it is worth abandoning dubious sites. Ideally, you should also ignore link exchanges and freelance sites like Fiverr and focus on affiliate content, unboxings, and the like.


Sites must be visited, otherwise it makes no sense to buy links to them. You can safely discard all sites with attendance of less than 500 people per day. The exception is if you are promoting a very specific product, where, in principle, a small industry.

You can measure website traffic using this plugin. However, since 2019, it does not show statistics for sites that have less than 50-60 thousand monthly traffic.

Link quality

It can be checked using the site authority analyzer from the same Ahrefs. The DR Ahrefs of a site should be from 20. On the backlink exchange, this indicator is often indicated when buying.


The donor site and the promoted site must match in topic. It is worth noting that thematic sites run out pretty quickly. Alternatively, you can use the media or expand the subject.

The ratio of the number of links to the number of indexed pages

The smaller it is, the better – ideally no more than 30%. But this applies to small budgets – if you buy more expensive and authoritative publications, then this parameter can be ignored.


Buying links in the footer or sidebar is a waste of money. It is optimal if the backlink is placed on the main page, albeit temporarily. And then it will move to the sections of the site.

It is worth noting that there are almost no link exchanges in the English-speaking segment of the Internet – they are banned by Google. But in Runet there are enough of them, for example, Referr, Linkstream and others. 

In the US and Europe, the purchase of links occurs through Fiverr, this is a rather controversial method, since the freelancer does not guarantee the fulfillment of his obligations, you have to take a word. Another option is to work directly with site owners and bloggers. There are more guarantees here, but contacting them can be more difficult. Not everyone is constantly checking social networks or email.

Risks of Buying Backlinks

The most common risk among all is the loss of money. Google’s mechanisms work in such a way that they easily identify the purchase of backlinks and simply do not take them into account in the search ranking. That is, you run the risk of wasting money, links will increase, but the site will not add positions in the search results.

It’s even worse when the site is subject to manual moderation. Google usually checks the quality of backlinks automatically. But if it comes to a moderator, he can lower the ranking in the search results or remove it from it altogether. This rarely happens now, but it does happen. However, Google will notify about this and offer options for actions that will remove this ban.

What else you need to know when buying backlinks

  • Analyze competitors. To determine how many backlinks your site needs, you need to target similar sites. With the help of analysis services, you can identify the quantity and quality of links, and then purchase placement on the same sites.

  • Limit buying. At the initial stages, the mass of the purchased link profile should not exceed 20-30% of the existing one. That is, if your site has 100 backlinks, then you can buy no more than 30 of them.

  • Choose quality suppliers. Links from Fiverr are cheap because they are of poor quality. Good backlinks are expensive, but they will be much more useful for the site.

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