Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 11-15 of March 2024

Apple Ventures into Manga with Live-Action Film “Midnight”

In a groundbreaking move, Apple has ventured into the manga universe by adapting the popular manga series “Midnight” into a live-action film. This initiative is part of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign, highlighting the iPhone 15 Pro’s advanced cinematographic capabilities. The film, set in the nocturnal streets of Tokyo, narrates a suspenseful tale of a taxi driver entangled in a dangerous encounter. Premiered in Tokyo, this 19-minute drama not only underscores Apple’s technological prowess but also taps into the burgeoning popularity of manga culture worldwide. Scheduled for release on YouTube, Apple TV, and Abema TV, “Midnight” represents a novel approach to showcasing smartphone capabilities while engaging with a global audience.

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Target Introduces Target Circle 360 to Compete in the Membership Arena

Target has announced the launch of Target Circle 360, a paid membership program designed to compete directly with giants like Amazon Prime and Walmart+. Set at $99 per year, this program promises to enhance the shopping experience with perks such as unlimited free same-day delivery on orders over $35 and free two-day shipping. In an attempt to attract a wide consumer base, Target is offering an introductory price of $49 for early sign-ups. With this strategic move, Target aims to bolster its loyalty program and secure a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving retail landscape.

IPG Embraces Adobe’s GenStudio for Enhanced Content Creation

Interpublic Group (IPG) has taken a significant step towards integrating AI in marketing by adopting Adobe’s GenStudio. This collaboration marks IPG as the first to fuse Adobe’s AI-driven content creation platform with its marketing technology, aiming to revolutionize how brands engage with consumers. By leveraging Adobe’s suite of products alongside its own Acxiom data, IPG intends to deliver personalized content at scale, thereby setting a new standard for efficiency and innovation in marketing practices. This move underscores the industry’s accelerating shift towards AI integration to meet the dynamic needs of the digital age.

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TikTok Urges US Users to Oppose Proposed Ban

Amidst escalating concerns over data privacy and national security, TikTok has mobilized its vast user base in the United States to challenge a new legislative proposal that threatens its operation in the country. The proposed bill aims to compel ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, to divest the app to US ownership or face a ban. In response, TikTok has launched an in-app campaign, encouraging users to voice their opposition to their House representatives. This initiative reflects TikTok’s strategic effort to leverage public support in safeguarding its presence in the US market, despite ongoing scrutiny from cybersecurity experts and policymakers.

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