Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 18-22 of March 2024

LinkedIn Enhances Professional Development with Free AI Courses

In an unprecedented move, LinkedIn announced the availability of 250 AI courses for free until April 5, aiming to bolster the skillsets of professionals, including SEO experts. This initiative, highlighted by SEJ staff member Matt G. Southern on March 13, 2024, is part of LinkedIn’s response to the evolving job market which is expected to see a 68% change in skill requirements by 2030. The courses, particularly valuable for SEO professionals, cover a wide range of topics from prompt engineering to building AI-powered apps and applying AI in content creation, addressing the increasing importance of AI literacy for career advancement.

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Garnier’s Innovative Marketing Strategy with New Hair Filler Line

Garnier has launched its most significant marketing campaign in over a decade for its new hair filler product lineup, as reported by Peter Adams on March 14, 2024. Leveraging the star power of Charli D’Amelio and other influencers, the campaign features a Sphere takeover and a content series that dives into the science behind the products. This strategic move aims to capitalize on the growing trend of skin filler-inspired hair care solutions, demonstrating Garnier’s commitment to innovation and its focus on meeting the demands of both consumers and professionals in the haircare industry.

Instagram and TikTok Surpass Google in Local Search Among Gen Z

Aaron Baar’s report on March 14, 2024, unveils a significant shift in local search preferences among Gen Z, with Instagram (67%) and TikTok (62%) overtaking Google. This change reflects the evolving digital landscape where social media platforms become primary resources for finding local businesses. Despite Google’s updates to its search service and the integration of the Gemini AI model, the shift underscores the growing influence of social media and generative AI technologies like ChatGPT on consumer behavior and search trends.

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Hyundai’s “The Drop” Campaign Targets Black Audiences with Sneaker Culture

Hyundai is engaging Black consumers with a unique marketing campaign for the Santa Fe SUV, inspired by sneaker culture. As detailed by Peter Adams on March 15, 2024, “The Drop” campaign, developed in collaboration with Culture Brands, cleverly integrates the excitement of sneaker releases with the allure of the 2024 Santa Fe. Featuring notable Black-owned brands and the direction of Julien Christian Lutz (Director X), the campaign emphasizes Hyundai’s commitment to cultural relevance and inclusivity, aligning with the brand’s broader efforts to connect with diverse audiences through shared interests and experiences.

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