How to Farm Accounts on Facebook

Social media algorithms are constantly changing – new requirements are introduced, restrictions are set. To work with advertising, you need accounts that are as close as possible to real user accounts. In the case of Facebook, this is especially true as here it is more difficult to develop accounts, and they themselves are more necessary to launch a campaign on FB and Instagram. In our article, we will talk about how to create high-quality accounts for Facebook.

Why do you farm accounts

You won’t earn much from one FB profile. The social network has restrictions where you can not post more than 50 ads. Adding friends is limited to 150 people per hour. You cannot send more than 300 requests to a group in the same hour. For an affiliate, all this is small – it will not work on one of your accounts.

Accounts are needed to launch several advertising campaigns at once. One of them will be the main one, and the others will be auxiliary consumables that you don’t mind losing.

At the same time, social networks keep a close eye on their users. By default, it is assumed that on Facebook each account has a real person under it. If the system doubts the reality of the user, then it will issue a restriction in case of violation. That means, not only do you need to create several accounts, you need to make sure that the system is confident in them. This process is called farming, and its end product is dozens and hundreds of highly trusted FB accounts.

Accounts with a high level of trust from Facebook can spend more money on an advertising campaign. Bad accounts are limited – sometimes up to $ 5 per month, which is not real money for advertising.

Trust accounts are easier and faster to moderate. If the social network trusts them, then the advertising campaign will be “scanned” by bots without going into details. But ads from a suspicious account will be watched by moderators in manual mode. In this case, you will have to wait longer, and the campaign may not be launched.

Finally, a verified FB account allows you to use several virtual cards and electronic wallets at once, so you can actually pay for your campaign.

What do you need for farming

To farm Facebook accounts, you need two tools – an anti-detect browser and a proxy server. Without them, the moderators will ban the account, and it will be very difficult to restore it later.

Anti-detect Browser is a program that masks the user’s real data. It creates their unique fingerprint by mimicking the user’s actions, their operating system, and even their keyboard layout. A good anti-detect browser is quite expensive. For example, Indigo Browser will require you to pay 99 euros per month. There are cheaper options like Ghost Browser, but Facebook’s algorithms are more likely to recognize the spoof.

The basic plan of Indigo Browser supports only 100 profiles – definitely not enough for teamwork.

A proxy server, on the other hand, will help hide your real location from FB mechanisms. After all, it is assumed that three dozen accounts that an affiliate may need cannot sit on the same IP.

Farming order

It is important to remember that one account is one anti-detect browser profile and one proxy. The data should not overlap, otherwise the social network will suspect something was wrong.

From one anti-detect browser and proxy profile, you need to go to Facebook and create an account. It is preferable to create a female account as you will have more responses. Next, you need to fill in information about yourself: put a photo, indicate interests and everything else that the social network recommends. As a rule, this is exactly how a person who has just registered on a social network behaves.

You will also need a phone number to register – you can buy a one-time phone number.

The next day, you need to start engaging in social activity – subscribing to interest groups, city groups, and the like. You need to like and repost posts, leave comments. All this should be done daily for at least a week.

You can also follow the reciprocal social activity – accept friend requests, reply to some messages. It is important not to accept as friends people from outside your region and accounts that do not look like real ones.

Alternatively, you can also register in other applications using Facebook. Then more trust will be added to the account.

For advertising purposes, the account can be used after about 8-10 days of such activity. However, from time to time you still need to keep your account active, otherwise the social network will ban it.

Alternatively, you can simplify your work a little if you buy auto-registers – accounts registered automatically using the program. You can’t use them right away as you still have to work on those accounts. Such accounts are quickly banned, they are used as consumables.

The main points

  • It is inconvenient to engage in advertising activities with one account – there are social network restrictions.
  • To farm accounts, you will need an anti-detect browser and a proxy.
  • One FB account means one anti-detect browser profile and one proxy. If you do not follow this rule, moderators will quickly ban accounts.
  • An advertising account needs to be promoted for at least a week so you need to engage in social activity, add information about yourself and a photo.
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