Google Ads Introduces Demand Gen Worldwide

Google Ads has a new tool called Demand Gen. Now, everyone around the world can use it.

What is Demand Gen?

It’s like the next version of Discovery campaigns, but better. It has new things to use and understand. Plus, it’s easier to make ads with it. They will also make Discovery ads better over the next year.

Demand Gen uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help people who advertise on social media. It’s good at finding and connecting with people using fun and colorful content. This tool is made to get people to do things, like visit websites or watch videos. It works on places like YouTube, Discover, and Gmail.

Why is Demand Gen Special?

  • New ways to reach people: With Demand Gen, you can find new people who might like your brand using the Lookalike feature. Then, you can pick the best way to show your ad to get things like clicks or website visits.
  • Making better ads: Demand Gen lets you use videos, not just pictures. So, you can use regular YouTube videos or short videos. This means you can make ads that people really like.
  • Better results for less money: Ads made with Demand Gen get clicked on more often and cost less money.
  • Perfect for sellers: If you sell things, Demand Gen can use videos, pictures, and words from your product list. This shows people the things they might want to buy.

Google’s Thoughts

Vidhya Srinivasan, a big person at Google Ads, said people are finding products in new ways. Advertisers need to change how they do things. Demand Gen can help because it shows ads to many people on YouTube and Google. The ads are fun, and they help get more people interested.

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