What is Mobile Affiliate Marketing

There are now more than 5.22 billion smartphone users in the world. That’s about two-thirds of the world’s population. With the help of smartphones, people read the news, communicate and make purchases. In fact, it is the traffic from mobile devices that is now the main one. In our article, we will talk about how to work in mobile traffic affiliation.

What is mobile traffic affiliation

Mobile traffic affiliation is the process of attracting smartphone users to websites to perform a targeted action. In fact, this is the same as regular traffic affiliation, it just takes into account the features of mobile devices.

Most often, affiliates with mobile traffic work in the vertical of installs — application installations. In addition to installs, shopping and dating are also popular.

Features of working with mobile traffic

Quick purchase decision. Mobile phone users make purchasing decisions faster – they are accustomed to the concept of “supermarket in a smartphone”. You can pay for the goods with one touch, so users are prone to impulsive decisions and don’t really think about what they can use.

A sense of personal appeal. Personalization works much better with mobile traffic. We always keep the phone at hand, so the proposals seem to us something personal. In addition, bookmarks and applications on the phone are more relevant to the interests of the user than those on the computer simply because the smartphone is closer.

Wider audience. By 2025, 75% of the world’s population will use smartphones. As a means of accessing the Internet, they are much cheaper than computers. In addition, some applications do not have a desktop version at all.

Low competition. Although smartphones themselves are very common, there is not much competition in the field of mobile offers. Even a beginner can enter this direction, subject to careful preparation.

Massive growth. Given the increasing popularity of smartphones, it can be assumed that over time the number of mobile offers will only grow.

Sources of mobile traffic

To attract traffic from mobile devices, various sources are used:

  • Banner advertising. The traditional traffic source works great with mobile devices as well. The only thing is that banners must be adapted to the device, otherwise their effectiveness will decrease.
Banners can look like this
  • Contextual advertising. The largest source of traffic in principle. Google is used from any device, including mobile devices. In fact, 65% of all search advertising is on mobile devices.
  • Advertising in social networks – Facebook and Instagram. Instagram feed ads are the most expensive, but brands are betting more on Facebook. Facebook Feed has the highest CPM (5.18%) and the highest CTR (4.70%).
An Instagram ad differs from a regular post with the Sponsored tag
  • Ads within apps. Most often, they are common in Android applications – there are especially a lot of ads. Although it also happens in iOS, developers monetize their work in this way.
Advertising financial offers as an example

Push notifications and pop-ups. This is everything that blocks the screen to the user and annoys him. The user needs to subscribe to the push notifications, but pop-ups are not so easy to get rid of as they are set by the site owner. The effectiveness of such a traffic source becomes relative just because of the negative reaction of users.

Types of mobile offers


Cost per Lead – offers are universal, without focusing on the type of device. They are used to collect data – email addresses and phone numbers.


Offers about installing applications through stores – App Store or Google Play. Sometimes the task involves downloading the application through browsers. Here, the affiliate receives a reward for each installation.

Direct billing

This is a subscription to certain services – dating, fitness, adult. Sometimes this includes various kinds of mailings that deduct money directly from the phone account.


Offers with payment for the time spent in the call. The most common example is phone sex, but in fact it can be any specialist who helps with consultations.


Similar to the previous type of offers, but with payment for SMS. These are used for correspondence with some bloggers or Instagram divas.

Subscribe to push notifications

Offers with consent to receive push notifications. As a rule – not from one source, the device, in principle, gets into the mailing list.

How to make profit with mobile offers

Test offers. Different affiliate programs have offers of a similar nature – sometimes even from the same advertiser. But their performance may differ – one will give the best conversion. Ideally, you should conduct a split test and find out which one is more effective.

Optimize landing and pre-landing. For mobile type of traffic, sometimes a pre-lander is not needed at all – this is checked during A / B testing. But if you need it, you will have to get confused with the pages. They should load quickly, but at the same time be quite “light” – consider the limitations of mobile communications. In addition, the pages should be adapted for mobile devices – the buttons should not overlap each other.

Examine the underlying data. We are talking about mobile operators, device brands and browsers. Break down reports by statistics and identify a pattern — perhaps iOS performs better than Android in this offer. With this trick, you can focus on users who bring in the most profit.

Main points

  • Mobile traffic affiliation focuses on attracting smartphone users. Most often, these are offers about installing applications, quick purchases and dating.
  • Working with mobile traffic is good because this industry is constantly growing. Already, there are significantly more smartphone users in most traffic sources.
  • As sources of traffic, affiliates use banner and search advertising, ads in social networks and applications. push notifications and pop-ups.
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