PBNs: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know

It takes a lot of hard work to get your site to the top of the search results. SEO optimization alone is a job for many months. But in “overheated” niches, this is not enough. Even with impressive investments, the site may not be on the first page for key queries. Then the webmaster turns to “gray schemes”, among which is PBN. About what it is and how it helps in promotion, we will tell in our material.

The concept of PBN

PBN is an abbreviation for private blog networks, a network of private blogs. This is a network of sites that is created to obtain external link mass. It, in turn, is used to promote the main site.

It is important to note that Google does not accept this method of promotion. If the search engines establish a connection between the resources, then each of them can get a ban. Accordingly, the sites should be outwardly unrelated to each other.

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Pros and cons of PBN

PBN has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • The grid of sites allows you to control the link mass. No one will delete the link, nothing will happen to the site if it is under your control.
  • PBN allows you to increase the weight of the link. On sites, you can do internal linking and thereby pump the mass as a whole.
  • Donor sites will help bring the main site to the top for free. The main thing is that they look decent and do not arouse suspicion from the search engine.

On the other hand, building a grid of sites entails a number of difficulties:

  • Working with PBN is a long time. You need to find or create suitable sites. If these are drops, then you will have to deal with them – check their history, find out SEO indicators. Filling resources with the necessary content will also take some time. And, finally, indexing – it is worth laying 2-3 weeks for this. That is, building a grid of sites will take several months. However, in SEO, the terms are always quite long.
  • In addition, PBN is quite expensive. This later SEO promotion will not cost you, but first you will have to seriously invest in donor sites – buy domains, pay for content, hire SEO specialists on an ongoing basis.
  • With all this, PBN is nervous. Google doesn’t officially say how it searches for grids. Therefore, it is worth making sure – to work with each site from different IPs, not to have Google services on your working computer. Some even use a VPN. Such fear is understandable – due to one mistake, you can get a ban in the search results for all sites at once.

How to create a PBN

Find a domain

A good domain is already half the success in building a grid of sites. A domain with a large link mass will help the main promoted site, give it weight.

Such domains can be found among the drops or redeemed at an auction. Both methods involve an investment of time and effort. Drops will have to be thoroughly checked since suddenly the owner abandoned them for a reason. Participation in the auction for particularly interesting domains will cost even more than drops. But the statistics of the domain name there will be quite good as there are fewer risks.

Auction sites look something like this

Alternatively, you can outsource the search for domains to contractors and free yourself from this headache. But such services are only the fulfillment of primary tasks, the selected options will still have to be checked again on your own.

In theory, you can not look for a domain, but create a site yourself. Such a scenario eliminates a lot of trouble, but adds a whole bunch of others. Compared to a drop, it does not have any link mass. It will have to be developed from scratch. In order for such a resource to become a donor, you will have to invest almost more time and effort into it than into the main site. Maybe this option will be good if you work with a distant planning horizon.

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Prepare content

PBN also needs to be filled with content based on the theme of the main site. For example, if the main site talks about sports betting, then donors should live on sports related topics – analytics, fan theories, and the like.

All content must be unique as search engines will see if the texts on the donor site are taken from another resource. Accordingly, this will reduce the weight of the PBN link mass. It is best to order texts on the chosen topic, taking into account the keys.

Alternatively, you can simply translate ready-made texts from another language. Returning again to the topic of sports betting, there is a lot of information about the Real Madrid football club on Spanish-language resources. It can be adapted to the language you need – the search engine will miss this.

You can also turn YouTube videos into finished materials. You just need to decrypt it and bring it to a digestible article format.

Finally, you can try neural networks for automatic text generation. Its quality may be questionable. Moreover, there is no certainty that Google algorithms will continue to take into account such texts in the search results, but for now, a webmaster with texts from a neural network can bring the site to the top 30.

Inferkit is one such neural network. Free access is limited to 10,000 characters per week.

Place websites on hosting

In conventional site building, such a task is not a problem at all. But, given the possible bans, you will have to deal with conspiracy in order not to leave footprints. Google takes into account a variety of them – contacts, domain owner, IP and much more.

Ideally, each of the sites should be different down to the pieces of code. In fact, you don’t need to bother so much. However, it would be nice to have contacts, design and hosting differently.

When it comes to 5-10 sites, managing them is not difficult. But PBN can reach 50 or more sites. You need to pay for domains on time, monitor performance, and post new content. Obviously PBN support requires a large team.

The main points

  • PBN is a network of sites created to obtain external link mass. It is created to promote the main resource.
  • Google considers PBN an illegal method of promotion and puts a ban on the entire network – sites may not appear at all in search results.
  • Creating a PBN is a complex, large-scale and nerve-wracking job. It does not guarantee a quick result, but according to the results, the main site can seriously advance just at the expense of donor sites.
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