PPC Weekly Digest on 16-20 of October 2023

Google Initiates Third-Party Cookies Phase-out in Chrome

Google has set the stage for phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome starting with 1% of users in early 2024, aiming for a complete phase-out by mid-2024. This move aims to enhance user privacy while pushing for new standards like the Privacy Sandbox APIs for fraud prevention and relevant ad delivery. The change, although geared towards improved privacy, brings about a level of uncertainty in the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers and publishers are advised to audit cookie usage and adapt to new methods for serving ads, while also exploring privacy-focused user ID solutions.

YouTube Launches AI-Driven Ad Tools for Enhanced Audience Reach

YouTube has rolled out new AI-powered advertising products to aid brands in connecting with relevant audiences and optimizing campaigns. Among the new offerings is Spotlight Moments, which harnesses AI to identify trending content around major events for brand sponsorship opportunities. The platform has also expanded the availability of Video Reach and Video View campaigns, utilizing AI to boost ad targeting and efficiency. These innovations underscore YouTube’s dedication to leveraging AI technology in offering brands more options for engaging its vast user base, ensuring advertisers can capitalize on trending moments and drive better campaign performance.

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