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Website SEO analysis systems are used to research competitors. They do not show advertising campaigns, but their result can be a report of how many visitors your competitor has. Accordingly, after analyzing a competitor, it becomes easier to understand what to change on your resource.

The best of SEO-analysis platforms is SimilarWeb. But it is also quite expensive. In our article, we consider the best alternatives to this system.


SEMrush is almost a complete replacement for SimilarWeb. In fact, it can do all the same things: determine traffic from organic and paid search results, identify visitor GEOs, competitive resources, and much more.

SEMrush allows you to analyze search queries. The service is able to determine the number of search queries, the cost per click on a paid ad, and similar keywords. SEMrush also gives recommendations on how to optimize the resource, conducts its technical audit, analyzes backlinks, and builds link profiles. In fact, this is a universal tool for an SEO specialist or marketer.

Given the capabilities of SEMrush, you can expect it to be quite expensive. The minimum plan costs $119.95 monthly. However, the service allows you to use the whole week for free.


Serpstat is another SEO tool that is close to universal in terms of the scope of its functions. Serpstat is somewhat less well-known compared to SimilarWeb and Serpstat, so the audience does not use it as actively.

Intersen Serpstat with a range of features. For example, a service with one click can display a list of competitors for a key query. Serpstat also allows you to explore other people’s advertising campaigns – it helps to find insights and form a base for launching your own advertising. In addition, the platform regularly rolls out new features and refines old ones.

Serpstat may be free, but with very limited features. The cheapest Lite plan is $69 per month. The standard plan costs $149 per month.


Ahrefs is an excellent organic traffic analysis tool. Initially, it was very niche as it was used exclusively by SEO specialists. But now it has gained popularity among marketers, traffic managers and other digital professionals.

One of the best features of Ahrefs is its huge database of backlinks. The team is constantly updating the data in this regard. The service looks for broken links and can provide analytics on them. Ahrefs also shows the most cited pages on the site. In fact, this service alone is enough to buy links and do it not blindly.

The cost of the service starts from $99 per month. Interestingly, at the same time, Ahrefs provides services for free to site owners – you just need to verify ownership.


SpyFu stands out from the list of SimilarWeb alternatives primarily due to its price. It costs from $ 16 per month when paid immediately for the year – other services set prices much higher.

However, it has fewer opportunities than the same SEMrush. Its main function is to analyze site traffic and identify competitors. For example, one click can reveal the volume of organic traffic and PPC as a percentage. SpyFu will also show you the most successful keywords from your competitors so you can include them in your campaigns as well.


Mangools is considered one of the most user-friendly SEO analysis services. It is ideal for beginners – no complicated tables, everything is done simply and literally in a couple of clicks.

In fact, Mangools gives the affiliate five key tools:

  • Site Profiler. It gathers the ranking of the site in terms of search engines. Takes into account all metrics and reference arrays.
  • SERPwatcher. It tracks the ranking of your keywords and recommends which ones to replace to improve performance.
  • K.W.Finder. It finds low-frequency keys – most of the queries in Google are just that.
  • SERP Checker. It researches the effectiveness of competitors’ campaigns. Uses color coding for keywords from other sites so that you can understand how successful this or that keyword is.
  • Link Miner. It identifies the profile of backlinks of a particular site. With it, you can see how successfully the competitor works with the reference mass.

Mangools offers a 10-day trial period. In the future, you will have to pay for it from $49 per month. Buying annual tariffs at once helps to save some money.

SEO Power Suite

Not the most popular software for SEO – and completely in vain. It has a number of advantages. For example, SEO Power Suite is a program and it is downloadable. It works on Windows, Linux and macOS. In addition, the basic functions of the service are completely free – and they will definitely be enough for a novice specialist. Also, $ 299 per year does not seem like a lot of money for such a value.

The service perfectly covers all three main areas of work with SEO optimization. It analyzes the web rankings of competitors, identifies top keywords, and helps with backlinks.

Advanced Web Ranking

In terms of site ranking tracking features, Advanced Web Ranking is one of the best alternatives to SimilarWeb. Service in this regard is as accurate as possible.

One of the interesting features: Advanced Web Ranking supports multilingual queries. Not every service has such opportunities and they are well implemented everywhere. The platform also allows you to collect keys for the selected location, integrate social networks and much more.

Advanced Web Ranking gives you a whole month of free trial as a trial period. Further it is necessary to pay from $49 monthly.


Searchmetrics is a little-known service for SEO optimization, which, nevertheless, has very great capabilities. It can even be called a comprehensive digital marketing analysis service — it audits a site, identifies competitors, analyzes keywords, checks content, and much more.

Searchmetrics has a built-in SEO performance tracking module. It shows how well you and your competitors are doing with optimization. The platform also gives targeted recommendations of what can be improved.

Unfortunately, Searchmetrics does not publish its rates in the public domain so you need to communicate with the sales manager.

SE Rankings

One of the fastest growing SEO tools with just under half a million users. SE Rankings analyzes keywords, array of links, competitors, market and even draws conclusions from old statistics. As an alternative to SimilarWeb – good.

The monthly plan costs only $39. For such functionality it is relatively inexpensive.

Conductor Searchlight

Conductor is one of the world’s leading organic marketing agencies. Their Searchlight product helps you research competitors, keywords, and content topics, choosing the best solution for website promotion with relatively free methods.

Another advantage of Conductor Searchlight is visibility. It provides a lot of data, but it is conveniently and clearly arranged in diagrams and graphs. An increase or decrease in indicators will be immediately noticeable.

Among other things, Conductor Searchlight also has a version as an extension for Chrome, which is provided free of charge.

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