SMM Weekly Digest on 04-08 of March 2024

Meta Revamps Creator Bonus Program

Meta has recently unveiled significant changes to its Creator Bonus program, removing the monthly earnings cap to offer unlimited payouts. This strategic move aims to retain and attract top creative talent, particularly focusing on Reels content across Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, Meta is expanding the program to include creators from various countries, including those in Asia, with a selective invitation process based on post reach. The update, expected to roll out by March, also introduces opportunities for creators to integrate Reels ads, enhancing monetization potential.

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Instagram Enhances User Safety with New Alerts

Instagram is bolstering its efforts to protect users from scams and suspicious activities by implementing new in-stream safety alerts. These warnings will inform users about potential scams when receiving follow requests from dubious accounts or when tagged by unknown profiles. The initiative aims to raise awareness and prompt users to review and adjust their privacy and safety settings, addressing the issue that most users rarely update these settings on their own. This direct approach in the app interface is designed to improve overall user security and scam awareness.

X to Amplify Visibility of Pinned Posts

Elon Musk has announced an upcoming update to X, promising that pinned posts will now be visible to all of a user’s followers. This adjustment, aimed at enhancing content reach amidst algorithmic challenges, allows for one pinned post every 48 hours to avoid system exploitation. Despite potential limitations in impact, especially among non-premium users, this feature presents an opportunity for content creators to boost their most significant updates. However, concerns arise regarding the feed’s quality control and the potential overload of pinned content.

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YouTube Introduces ‘Create’ App for Enhanced Video Editing

YouTube is expanding the availability of its “Create” app, a mobile video editing tool tailored for Shorts creation, to several new countries. This free app, reminiscent of CapCut, offers a suite of editing features, including audio cleanup, auto captions, and direct publishing options. Initially available in select regions, “YouTube Create” aims to facilitate the production of complex video clips, offering a comprehensive toolkit for creators. Currently accessible on Android, the app represents YouTube’s commitment to enhancing content creation and sharing within its platform.

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