Best Adult Ad Networks & Platforms in 2024

Adult is one of the most popular targets in traffic arbitrage. Now the “adult” industry is about $100 billion in annual turnover and 4.8 billion users. There are many different directions in the adult itself, ranging from porn sites and dating aimed at “strawberries” to various toys and ointments. Accordingly, many of these offers should be placed on some sites. The list of the best of them you can find in our article.


CrakRevenue is the oldest and most respected adult network. It started working more than 10 years ago and in recent years has received about 20 awards in traffic arbitrage.

The network has about 700 dating offers, and now they are working on the direction of mobile games. Most of the offers on the site are exclusive.

CrakRevenue also features a variety of payment models. PPL, PPS, RevShare – there is something for every traffic manager.

The main feature of the network is its technology. Smartlinks CrakRevenue are considered almost the best in the industry. They are available in most verticals and are being improved daily.

You can hardly be surprised by the flexible settings of an arbitrator, but they are really diverse in this network. You can set everything literally to the comma to beat the offer exactly to the target audience.


Evoleads is another one of the oldest platforms, founded 12 years ago. The company is based in Montreal, Canada.

Adult is not the only direction the site currently works. There are also many nutra, financial and cryptocurrency offers here. Now there are more than 500 offers on the company’s website.

Evoleads payouts are not very diverse so the money can be received by check or via PayPal. But they pay consistently and without delay. The minimum payout is $100.


TrafficJunky is one of the oldest affiliate networks. It has been working since 2001 and specializes in advertising on porn sites. In particular, it is with its help that you can launch a campaign on PornHub.

TrafficJunky offers banners as a method of attracting traffic, both animated and static. Accordingly, the network payment model is CPM. Its capacity allows it to deliver more than 3 million impressions per day with an average ePM of $0.147.

Most of the traffic offered is the US and some European countries.

TrafficJunky offers affiliates its own database of creatives that can be used when launching their own advertising campaign.


JuicyAds is an international affiliate network founded in 2006. The network is entirely specialized in “adult” traffic. In total, JuicyAds has over 222,000 partner sites and 105,000 clients.

JuicyAds has no geo restrictions so you can promote adult in any country. There are only three main advertising formats – banners, pop-unders and a redirect used for mobile traffic.

There are also three payment models – CPM, CPC and Flat rate. The latter format involves renting a certain advertising space for a fixed fee for the required period.


This is another popular ad network with 12 years of experience. PopAds specializes specifically in pop-ups – pop-ups and pop-unders. They are posted not only on sites for adults.

PopAds minimum deposit is only $10. Russian-speaking users cost about $1.5 per 1000 impressions, while the US costs $4 for the same 1000 impressions. However, it should be noted that prices are dynamic and highly dependent on targeting settings.

The affiliate can choose PayPal, Payoneer or Payza as the payment system. Bank transfers are also available. On request, you can withdraw funds at least every day.


Adsterra is an international affiliate network. It has been working since 2013. In addition to adult, it has offers for installs, dating and a number of other verticals.

Adsterra delivers one billion ad impressions per day. The company boasts that the CTR of their top ad formats reaches 20%. The Social Bar is the best in Adsterra – this is a special pop-up. In addition, there are pop-unders, native, standard and video banners on the site.

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Adsterra is characterized by fast moderation. A promoted site is approved in a few minutes, and a campaign can be launched in just an hour.

The minimum deposit in Adsterra is $100. Quite often, you can find coupons on the Web that allow you to add a little more to the deposit amount.

There are many payment models on the site – CPA, CPM, CPI, CPL, RTB, CPC. There are also more than enough payment systems for withdrawing rewards – Paxum, Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex Money, Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay and Capitalist.


PlugRush is a Norwegian affiliate network. Technically, it works all over the world, but in fact it has the most traffic from the countries of the first tier – the USA, Canada, Australia and European countries.

The most popular advertising format on the web is pop-unders. There are also native ads, banners and push notifications. There are plenty of volumes for each format. By the way, you can drive traffic from both adult and mainstream.

The two main payment models on the site are CPC and CPM. The second model is much less popular, there are quite a few offers for it. Payouts in PlugRush take place on Mondays – you can withdraw from $10 to PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum or directly to a bank card.


EroAdvertising is a Dutch affiliate network that specializes exclusively in adult traffic. It generates up to 1.8 billion views per day. More than 15,000 partners work with the platform.

The network offers literally any possible traffic format. Pop-ups with pop-unders, banners, teasers, text ads – all these and much more are available to affiliates. There is both mobile and desktop traffic. You can pour it as you like – the main thing is to prevent spam, phishing and the spread of malware.

The minimum payout amount is 10 euros. You can withdraw money once a week or once a month to PayPal, Paxum or Wire Transfer.


TrafficFactory positions itself as a premium affiliate network. It works exclusively with “adult” traffic – webcams, porn sites and other “strawberry” offers.

There are not so many formats in TrafficFactory — pop-under and various types of banners. The premium grid is made by deep settings of the advertising campaign. Targeting allows you to select users even by the type of Internet connection, not to mention the standard region and device.

TrafficFactory’s payment models are typical – pay-per-click and pay-per-1000 views. Money can be withdrawn to Paxum, Bank Wire, Vendo, CoinPayments, Wise, ePayService.


AdXXX is an ad network focused on adult traffic. It places ads primarily on adult or entertainment websites. In total, the network has 180 countries – for the most part traffic from Europe and North America. AdXXX generates about 500 million clicks every month.

The platform deals with teaser and banner advertising. AdXXX has 960 million impressions daily.

You can receive payouts on WebMoney, WIre, PayPal, ePayments, Paxum. The minimum amount to receive is $50, but you can withdraw from $500 via Wire.


Adworldmedia is a relatively young American advertising network founded in 2015. The site works not only with adult traffic, but there is a lot of it here.

Adworldmedia works with several advertising formats. These are standard media banners, redirects, sliders and all kinds of pop-up ads. Most traffic and payouts are in tier-1 countries.

Affiliates can only receive their earnings once a month and only through PayPal.


TwinRed is another American network that works with adult traffic. Not so long ago, it was rebranded. Before, affiliates had known it as DoublePimp.

TwinRed has several advertising formats available: native ads, popunders, banners, video ads at the beginning of the video, push notifications.

There are not many withdrawal options on the platform. Paxum and bank transfer are widely used. In the case of the latter, the minimum withdrawal amount is $500. PayPal is available, but only on request. It seems that funds are withdrawn to it only by affiliates who have confirmed their reputation.


Clickadilla is one of the largest and most popular ad networks. It works with all possible geos, including the US and Europe. Clickadilla works not only with adult and there are many offers in other verticals as well.

Clickadilla gets millions of hits every day. For example, PopUnder gives 64,342,399+ impressions, and banners – more than one and a half billion. In addition, there are also other advertising formats, such as push notifications.

The platform also provides a lot of options to receive a payment. In addition to direct payment to a bank card, there are also Paxum, Capitalist, Robocassa, Stripe, Qiwi, Payeer. You can also get rewarded with cryptocurrency – Bitcoin or USDT.


Zeropark is a European advertising network with a decade of experience. It works with all types of traffic and provides about 15 billion impressions per month. Adult dating is one of the priority areas of the platform, along with sweepstakes and installs.

Zeropark has five main ad formats: pop-ups, search forms, direct redirect, teaser blocks and mobile app ads. However, it is worth noting that many affiliates scold the platform for bot traffic – this is worth keeping in mind.

Withdrawals on the platform are available via PayPal and direct bank transfer. The minimum payment amount is $100.

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