Best Pop Ads Networks in 2024 Popunders & Popups

Pop-up ads have a number of advantages. This includes the relative low cost of launching a campaign, the ease of creating creatives, and high efficiency. Definitely, the competition in working with this format is high, but affiliates continue to call popup and popunder the best entry points for a beginner. In our review, we are talking about the platforms on which it is best to work with pop-up windows.

What is Popup and Popunder

Popup is a pop-up window that appears on top of a website page. It closes the viewing of content, but at the same time organically fits into it and draws the attention of users.

Sometimes popups cover not just a part of the content, but the entire page. This annoys the user.

Popunder is an ad that appears behind a website page. It is not visible until the user closes the main page. Therefore, the effectiveness of this format is lower, but it causes less irritation.

The problem with popunders is that they may not be noticed, for example, if you turn off your computer completely or forcefully close the browser.

How to choose offers to work with pop-ups

The pop-up ad format is mostly universal. To one degree or another, it can be used in working with any vertical. But there are a few issues that should be taken into account.

Popup works well where you need instant contact with the audience. Instant purchase or providing your phone number – there the pop-up window works well. There are such offers in installs and dating.

In the case of popunders, things are somewhat more complicated. Since such advertising pops up behind the main page or in the next tab, then it should cling better. The best popunder triggers are discounts and promotions like Black Friday. Through popunders, you can work with gambling, installs or goods. But in the case of the latter, it must be a very popular product.

Popup Ads Tips

  • Be aware of negativity. Browsers reduce the site in the search results if they find popunders hardwired into the site code. This format of advertising is not suitable for large resources that you promote, including through SEO.
  • Consider user behavior patterns. Do not show ads to users who are not interested in it. This is a drain on the budget.
  • Do testing. Set aside a small budget for testing. Tests will show what can be improved: text, image, display time and much more.
  • Simplify your offer. Popups and popunders are akin to cold calling. The user is not interested in the advertised product – the ad only distracts him. Therefore, it should be short and bright, this will help generate interest.
  • Increase landing page loading speed. If the user is not too interested in the offer, then the user will not wait long for the landing page to load. For high conversion, the site should load almost instantly, preferably in a second.
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Top 7 Networks for Pop Ads


RichAds is an advertising network that works with push notifications, pop-ups, pop-unders and a number of other formats. RichAds has 5 billion impressions daily, and you can launch the first campaign on the site in just 10 minutes. The platform works with 220 countries, that is, almost all over the world.

The platform divides all its traffic into four categories: premium, standard, remnant and new. RichAds are said to be 61% more effective.

Also, before the start of work, the platform will ask you to select the type of account. Rookie for $150 is the basic plan for beginners. On Professional for $500, everything is the same, but you can request ready-made creatives and whitelists. It also comes with a personal push notification expert. The $3,000 King plan includes all of the above, but gives priority campaign moderation and a number of other bonuses.


Adsterra is a global advertising network with eight years of experience. Working with pop-up windows is one of its main areas. The platform operates worldwide and generates a billion impressions daily.

Adsterra works with all major verticals and payment models. Pop traffic can be managed in real time as the system has this function. Thus, you can greatly reduce the cost of the campaign.

The only major disadvantage of Adsterra is the lack of demographic filters.


HilltopAds is an ad network that specializes in popunders. The company has been working since 2014. HilltopAds mainly works with offers for games, dating and lotteries. The platform has all the main payment models – CPA, CPL, CPM and others. Payments are made weekly from $50 to PayPal, WebMoney and other payment services. You can also order a payout to a bitcoin wallet.


ActiveRevenue is an advertising platform that works with a variety of formats. In addition to pop-ups, its arsenal also includes banners and native advertising.

The platform does not have a definite specialization as  it works with all verticals and around the world.

Active Revenue uses only two payment models – CPC and CPM. Payment can be received on PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney and Wire.


The Adcash platform specializes in all kinds of banners. Popups and popunders are also a common traffic format on the site.

Adcash offers gaming, entertainment and IT offers. There are also some goods and tourism offers available. The minimum payout is 100 euros, it is paid monthly. It is possible to pay out with PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill or Webmoney.


ClickAdilla is a relatively young ad network. It launched in 2017 and then was mainly engaged in advertising on adult sites. Currently, ClickAdilla works with all verticals, although adult and dating continue to be in the top.

ClickAdilla daily traffic is 4.5 billion hits. The site has 13 different advertising formats, and it works all over the world.

The popunder format is the lion’s share of the platform’s traffic, almost 22.5 million impressions per day. Estimated cost per 1000 views is $0.63.

ClickAdilla has a rich set of filters, from the usual geo and browser up to IP.

One of the main advantages of the site is the speed of moderation. On average, it is about 10 minutes, which allows you to launch the campaign as quickly as possible.

The minimum payout amount is $50. You can withdraw money once a week.


The youngest site on the list began to work publicly only in 2020. Now 7 ad formats are available on MyBid, including popunder. The daily coverage of the site is more than 5 billion impressions.

MyBid works with any geo, but most traffic volumes are in Europe, the USA and Canada. The main verticals are nutra, gambling, betting and adult.

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