How to Get Karma on Reddit Fast in 2024

Reddit is the 6th largest site in the US and 19th worldwide. The volume of its traffic is comparable to the leading social networks, thus,  it can and should be used for marketing purposes. Another point is that it is possible to advertise a product directly on Reddit only with the help of native advertising.

The primary indicator of status on Reddit is Karma. With its help, entries on the forum gain more weight and credibility. Read in our article why an affiliate needs karma on Reddit and how to earn it fast. 

What is Karma on Reddit

Karma is the number of points earned for posts and comments on Reddit. If the posted article is liked by users, they will vote for it, and karma points will increase. If the post is controversial or risky, the audience will vote against it, and karma will decrease. At the same time, karma can decrease even to negative values.

It is not necessary for a Reddit user to have a lot of karma. You can publish posts without it.

Where to find your karma

By default, karma is displayed in the upper right corner of the site, next to the transition to user settings.

Karma is also displayed in the settings of the user profile.

Why do users need karma?

High karma for users provides a number of benefits:

  • Access to specific subreddits. Subreddits are thematic sections of Reddit. They can be about anything – sports, politics, marketing, or even healthy breakfasts. Within Reddit, posting on certain subreddits means audience segmentation. Access to certain sections of the forum may be restricted depending on karma. For example, in r/memes, you can’t post anything until you have 1000 karma. This protects against spammers. You cannot quickly create one-day accounts and break into one of the most viewed subreddits. Karma requirements vary from one subreddit to another.
  • User trust. More karma means more confidence in the user’s information. Reddit isn’t just about memes and local news. It’s about cars, marketing, coding, and everything that’s existing. Original ads from a user with high karma will not look annoying.
  • Posting without pre-moderation. In some subreddits, new posts are previewed by local moderators. They decide whether the post will be published or not. However, if the user has high karma, then his posts come out immediately, without approval.
  • Create your own subreddits. On Reddit, there are discussions about everything. Each topic has a dozen subreddits. In order not to multiply their number, the ability to create new ones is limited by the karma of users. Thus, only important users create new forum threads.
  • Marketing opportunities. Reddit is one of the largest sites in the world by the number of views. Posts with high karma are more trusted, thus, they can be used to sell products and services.

How to get karma on Reddit

Post useful content

To receive a large number of karma points, the user needs to be involved. If the community understands that you are only writing posts to sell your product, karma will quickly turn negative. Therefore, you need to make useful content that users like. For example, if you work with sports betting, you can make posts using sports analytics.

Avoid duplication

It is important to note that positive karma requires high-quality, original content. Users do not like reprinting articles from Wikipedia and duplicating posts from Reddit itself. Therefore, the content must first be checked for uniqueness and only then posted.

Post comments

Karma can be gained not only by posting unique content but also by comments. Users also mark their favorite comments. If it is witty and to the point, such a comment will add karma. The opposite is also true. If the user’s comment will be out of place, then the karma of the comment will be negative.

Interact with the audience

Dialogue is desired on Reddit. If you ask or answer questions, other users will join the discussion thread. There is a good chance that you get karma for one of the good answers. Any interaction with the audience such as comments, questions, and explanations can potentially bring karma points. The main thing is to write to the point.

Communicate on current topics

A good way to get karma is to get involved in the discussion of current events. A detailed and interesting point of view on the forum is appreciated, especially if you are an expert in your field. For example, a sports doctor can tell you more about the recovery process of football players. Such a comment will go into the corresponding subreddit.

Be polite and real

Trolling, insults, excessive sarcasm – all this behavior can force the “collective mind” of Reddit to generously shower you with negative karma. At the same time, too many posts and comments should be avoided.

The collective mind of Reddit may think that you are only here to receive karma so you will be in “minus” immediately. The forum community is very sensitive to outright advertising and deceit.

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Content stats on Reddit

Based on the collected data from advertising campaigns, marketers have made a number of conclusions that can be useful when working with Reddit.

Posting time

Posts posted on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday get the most views. The greatest activity on Reddit is observed from 13:00  to 16:00  Moscow time.


The most successful and clickable headlines consist of 20-80 characters. They tend to be short. External links, attached files, pictures, or videos are also desirable in the message. Compared to plain text, such a message is more likely to receive positive karma.


The most popular subreddit is r/announcements. Also, on the list of the most active are r/funny, r/gaming, r/Music, r/worldnews, r/science, r/AskReddit, r/pics, r/aww, and r/todayilearned. Technology interests 38% of users, while Reddit regulars are 98% more likely to spend their time on expensive technology. The beauty, fashion, food, and fitness categories have also grown strongly in the past few years.

What content should you publish on Reddit to get karma

  • Original. Posts should not be duplicated from other sources.
  • Expert level. Sketchy comments will only cause irritation and negative karma.
  • Current. Karma will be given for a certain profit or discussion of “hot” events.
  • Involved. It is worth writing not only posts but also comments, to communicate with the audience.
  • Unconstrained. The promotional post should not look like an advertisement. It should be an unobtrusive recommendation or a user find.
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