Digital Marketing Weekly Digest on 11-15 of December 2023

Mixtral-8x7B: A New AI Benchmark by Mistral AI

Mistral AI’s latest model, Mixtral-8x7B, is setting new benchmarks in AI with its superior performance in PPL and GEN modes, outperforming existing models like GPT-3.5 and Llama 2 70B in many aspects. This model supports multiple languages and demonstrates an advanced mixture-of-experts network architecture, enhancing parameter management and reducing costs. Available for demos on platforms like Perplexity and Poe, Mixtral-8x7B also integrates seamlessly into existing systems, offering a significant advancement in AI tools for writing and communication tasks.

Google Bard: Enhanced Coding and Privacy Features

Google Bard’s latest update significantly extends its Export to Replit feature, now supporting 18 programming languages, including Python and JavaScript. This expansion caters to a wider developer community and enriches Bard’s utility in SEO and content marketing. Additionally, Google Bard has improved its language support for extensions in Japanese and Korean, increasing accessibility for global users. With an updated Privacy Help Hub, Google Bard assures responsible handling of private data from Google Workspace, emphasizing user privacy and data security in AI applications.

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