Google’s Keyword Planner Changes: No More Keyword Forecasting

Google Ads has made a change to its Keyword Planner tool. They’ve stopped giving predictions for individual keywords and ad groups.

What changed?

The Keyword Planner used to show forecasts for single keywords and ad groups. This means it guessed how well they would do in the future. But not many people were using this feature, so Google decided to stop it. Ginny Marvin from Google shared this news on X (which used to be called Twitter).

What’s still there?

You can still see predictions for whole ad campaigns. Also, you can still see past data for single keywords.

Why does this matter?

This change might make it harder for some people to decide how to advertise. Without these forecasts, advertisers might not know things like how much money they might spend on certain keywords.

How does Keyword Planner work?

The Keyword Planner tool helps guess how well a keyword might do. It looks at past data to make these guesses. This can help people decide how to use keywords in their ads.

In short, Google’s Keyword Planner has changed a bit, but it still offers many useful features for advertisers.

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