TikTok’s New Feature for Easier Posting from Other Apps

TikTok has a new feature to make posting videos simpler.

What’s the new feature?

TikTok introduced a “Direct Post” tool in its system (called an API). This means you can now post videos to TikTok straight from other apps. Soon, you’ll be able to post pictures too. People who make long videos will be able to set a time for them to post on TikTok using social media manager apps.

How does it work?

To use this, you first connect your TikTok account to another app. TikTok checks the other app to make sure it’s safe. After that, the other app can post videos to TikTok for you.

Which apps can do this now?

Some of the first apps to use this feature are Adobe, CapCut, DaVinci Resolve, SocialPilot, and Twitch. CapCut is made by the same company that made TikTok, so that makes sense. But Twitch is interesting because people who play games and stream them can now easily share their game clips on TikTok. This can help them find more fans.

Why is this good?

This new feature helps people who manage social media. It makes it easier to put content on TikTok. But, it’s also nice to post simple videos from your phone on TikTok. These videos can feel more real and not like a big company made them. But creative videos can also be great. So maybe using both kinds can make your TikTok videos better.

In short, having more choices is always good. If you want to know more about these TikTok changes, you can check it on their website.

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