How to promote Gambling on TikTok?

TikTok is an extremely promising traffic source. Now it is the most popular social network in the world, with 1 billion active users visiting the site every month. However, the opportunities for direct ads and launching campaigns on TikTok are almost non-existent.

Nevertheless, it is possible and even profitable to promote gambling offers on TikTok. In our article we will tell you how to do it.

TikTok Gambling Promotion Methods

The main problem in working with the social network is its strict moderation. Accounts that use gambling creatives are mercilessly blocked. At the same time, even if the creatives are not obvious, accounts are still banned just in case.

In this creative, hints of gambling were almost not encrypted. The account is expected to be blocked.

There are several options for working with TikTok:

  • White creatives. Publish videos with the slightest hint of gambling and lead them to Telegram, and then give an offer. In this case, TikTok is used as a pad, and the main work takes place in the channel and users are offered bonuses and free spins.
  • Mass attack. Create many accounts at once and launch offers as usual, with direct creatives. Accounts will be blocked so you should immediately launch the following ones to replace them. Thus, the affiliate presses with weight.
  • Spam in the comments. TikTok does not allow you to leave direct links to third-party resources in comments. However, something interesting that makes the user go to the account page can be written. And there the user will get to the page with the offer.
  • Stream promotion. TikTok algorithms love to promote live broadcasts so even an account with a couple of hundred followers can get a lot of traffic. In the description of the stream, you need to specify a link to the offer, and we make out the account itself with hints of a bonus.
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

White Creatives on TikTok

The other three methods for promoting gambling offers are quite clear. But with creatives, difficulties can arise – what exactly to call them.

Lifestyle video. To promote gambling, you can use a lifestyle video — mansions, expensive cars, jewelry. Using the text in the video itself or its description, you need to explain how the user earned such money through sports betting or using a specific offer. The approach leaves room for variations: you can use luxury items in the frame to the maximum, or you can show ordinary guys with a bank account statement, hinting that gambling has become a good source of additional income.

An almost classic approach is to show a luxurious life that can be earned through gambling.

Lotteries. Collective name for all “try your luck” creatives. This kind of approach is acceptable for TikTok moderators so if you show a girl in the frame receiving a notification about a big win, then the audience will understand the feed, and the video will not be blocked.

News. A video in the style of a news story about winning a huge amount by a student, a pensioner or a non-working mother. It is worth noting that the audience “bites” to such creatives to a lesser extent and it is difficult to make the video believable enough.

Stock pictures and backgrounds immediately make the viewer doubt the authenticity of the video.

What you need to know to run an ad campaign on TikTok

TikTok is nowhere near as tough on moderation as Facebook is right now. However, the official TikTok Ads will not accept a gambling campaign. That is why it is important to disguise the offer, for example, make creatives about making money in the application, without saying anything specific about it.

“Zero”, freshly created accounts are not suitable for promotion. Ideally, these should be accounts with a couple of dozen videos and active subscribers. It is even better if the account posts videos not only about gambling.

Alternatively, you can buy ads from bloggers. This approach is quite controversial because it is difficult to find a suitable influencer as not everyone will agree to advertise a casino.

Main Points

  • TikTok officially does not allow gambling ads and bans accounts at the slightest mention of casinos or slots.
  • Gambling on TikTok is promoted with the help of white creatives — videos with indirect allusions to gambling.
  • White creatives can be made in the format of a lifestyle video, news or a video about winning the lottery.
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