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Newsletters are not the most obvious tool in traffic arbitrage. Working with it is quite difficult – you need to build a base, warm up the audience, and only then start selling. However, using email newsletters, you can find paying users. We will tell you how to use emails for traffic arbitrage in our article.

What you need to run an email campaign

Launching an advertising campaign using email newsletters is a complex and painstaking process. Such a tool can be used by fans of micromanagement, every little thing will have to be controlled.

The Base

The first and most important thing in an email newsletter is a database of user addresses. You can’t just take addresses from open sources and send them blindly, this is a sure source to get into spam. In some legislations, there are even penalties for sending spam, fines and correctional labor. In addition, mail services can also block your account for sending spam.

The best and most reliable way to get mailing addresses is to collect them yourself. To do this, affiliates launch a small quiz – landing, which shows the results only after agreeing to receive special offers. The landing page should be on the same topic as the newsletter and the product that is being sold is an element of the sales funnel.

Another option is to buy a base. There are plenty of them on the Internet, both real and fake. If you buy a database of email addresses, check them for “lice” – scammers are on the alert.

There are also free mailing lists in the public domain. This is a rather controversial option as they lost their relevance a few years ago. But for testing sales funnels may be suitable.

Post service

Mass mailing is not available from regular email clients. It is also impossible to type emails, add pictures and buttons to them. You have to use special mailing services.

There are a lot of mail programs, both paid and free. Reviews about each of them should be studied in advance as sometimes free mailing services do not pass spam filters and the user simply does not see your email. Popular are Sendpulse and MailChimp. These are paid mailers, but they have a lot of functions. And the email will be delivered with a guarantee.


To promote traffic, you need a colorful template consisting of several blocks – text and graphics. Glamour is needed here as CPA marketing cannot take long to warm up. Alternatively, you can literally transfer part of the landing page to the mailing list.

Some templates are available right in the mail services, some of them may even come in handy.

For example, inside Sendpulse there are many ready-made mailing templates for the New Year, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and other events.

Title and text

In fact, in an email newsletter, text is the main sales tool. Passing through spam filters is not so difficult, it is enough to use good mailing services. But in order for the email to be opened, this requires a good headline that motivates the user to open it. Headline recommendations vary, but statistics say the shorter the better. You can also add a little “yellowness” as the color and a wow effect to them, this will also be useful.

But the title is only half the story. After the email has been opened, you still need to “force” the user to complete the target action, whether it’s selling a product, subscribing to a certain service, or installing an application. The text should be thoughtful for the little things. There are no general recommendations here as each vertical has its own specifics. Just avoid incoherence and grammatical errors.

Pros and cons of mailings in CPA

Email is a non-obvious tool for an affiliate marketer. But even it has a number of advantages

  • Cheapness. Contextual advertising involves paying for each click on your ad. With email newsletters, you will have to pay for a subscription to the mail service and, perhaps, to the address database. The final price of the campaign is much cheaper.
  • Target traffic. If the affiliate collected the base, then the users themselves subscribed to receive the newsletter. They are at least not against proposals as the audience is warm.
  • Multiple use. The collected database can be used for many offers, as long as the theme is similar.

There are also downsides to this format. And they are quite serious:

  • Control. With an email campaign, there are a lot of tasks – to collect a database, prepare templates, test the text. Contextual advertising in this case seems easier.
  • Distrust of the format. Due to spamming, users are cool about such offers. The exception is if you yourself have collected a base of subscribers.

Email verticals

To summarize, the newsletter can be used for any vertical, from white goods to dating and cryptocurrencies. However, there are several nuances that should be taken into account.

For example, it is undesirable to advertise installs in this way. The fact is that emails are opened both from a computer and from a smartphone in the same ratio. And if you promote the installation of any application in this way, then the PC user will not be able to take advantage of your offer – CR will be cut in half.

In addition, bulk offers work best. The wider their audience, the better. The fact is that the database of email addresses does not give an understanding of the gender and age of users – at best, their geography. Accordingly, if an affiliate promotes an offer with dietary supplements for men, the offer will not appeal to everyone.

All these offers are universal and designed for a wide audience.

Main Points

  • Email marketing is not the most obvious tool for an affiliate marketer. But money is here.
  • To launch a campaign, you need a collected base, a good mail service and a collected letter that causes a wow effect.
  • Email newsletters work in almost any vertical – the wider it is, the better.
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