Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools – free and paid options in 2024

A lot of time can be spent on developing and testing ideas, which, by the way, may not pay off yet. An analogue of such “manual work” can be the use of spy services that allow you to simply peep which links work in the chosen niche. In our article, you will learn how spy services work and which ones are best for affiliate marketers.

What are the spy services?

As the name suggests, spy services allow you to observe your competitors. They identify successful creatives and provide statistics on them. They can display frequency, traffic quality, and many other parameters. Such services identify even the smallest details of an advertising campaign.

Despite the reference to spy devices, the use of such services is not pure espionage. That is why they are legal.

What can spy tools do?

Spy services allow you to simplify and automate the work of an affiliate. Instead of wasting budgets and time on a suitable creative, you can immediately understand what works. The capabilities of spy services allow you to:

  • Analyze the niche. The most successful creatives and ads about betting and gambling can be taken into account and used in a similar way.
  • Reveal trends. The service will allow you to evaluate what the audience likes and what causes their emotional response in the moment.
  • Structure additional information: device type, browsers, time of impressions and geolocation.

It is assumed that spy services allow you to take and copy ready-made bundles that have already shown their effectiveness. However, it should be done carefully. The brightest and most original ideas quickly become obsolete as well as old creatives after a few months may not work as well as before. The individual conditions of competitors also affect the efficiency, but the services do not take those into account. It turns out that spy tools help to find a trend and identify a working basis on which you can then create a creative. It means you can copy something that still needs to be original.

It is also worth noting that there are some specialized and universal spy services available. The universal one tries to monitor any traffic, while the specialized one focuses on specific ads such as Facebook, push notifications, pop-ups, or any other format.

In addition, there are paid and free spy tools. Free ones usually provide limited functionality: one region, one type of traffic, few statistics. Instead, paid ones provide the most detailed data – individual services provide information on 50 or more countries.

Benefits of spy services

There are several main advantages of using spy services


The affiliates will spend less money on finding working creatives if they identify the main trends using spy tools. Banners, landing pages, any auto funnels – these statistics will be provided. It remains only to analyze such information.


Ordering a banner from a designer will cost about $20, but there is no guarantee that it will be successful. A monthly subscription to paid spy services costs half as much but, at the same time, the affiliate will understand exactly what is coming towards the target audience and will more accurately formulate the task for the designer.


If a new successful trend appears on the market, then using spy tools it is impossible to miss it. This means that advertising campaigns based on this very trend can be more successful.


Spy services allow you to connect to a sort of “collective intelligence” and identify the most successful visits. Thus, the work of the affiliate is reduced. There is less necessity to come up with a new one.

The best spy tools for Facebook


Adbeat is an analytical service for online affiliates with a database of over 8 million creatives. Adbeat was founded in 2010. One of the main advantages of the service is working with big data, which allows you to more accurately identify statistical data on advertising campaigns.

Adbeat works with foreign traffic outside the CIS countries. It supports 120+ ad networks. The service is capable of deep filtering. It highlights device types, operating system, browser, CPA systems, and a number of other distinguishing features.

Adbeat has free limited functionality. The cheapest plan on the service costs $249 per month.


AdEspresso is a platform for analyzing advertising campaigns on Facebook. In addition to analyzing competitors’ creatives, AdEspresso allows you to manage advertising traffic and test ads on multiple audiences. The service also has a knowledge base that is useful for a novice affiliate.

AdEspresso has a free trial of 14 days. Further payment is deducted from $45 per month.


Adheart is a spy service for affiliates. The service specializes specifically on Facebook and contains 971 million creatives. Adheart is a Russian platform and works in Russian language by default, although it analyzes creatives in several dozen languages.

The service is able to analyze creatives in FB and Apps in stores. You can create your own selection of creatives based on the selected filters such as text, domain zone, geolocation, and others.

Adheart has a demo mode with limited functionality. You can’t download creatives, there are restrictions on search queries and returned results. The subscription to the service costs $53.


AdFinder is a service that works with ads on several sites at once. This is not only Facebook, but also YouTube, Google, Native, and Linkedin. The AdFinder database contains over a million creatives. The service is focused on working with the whole world and includes more than a hundred countries.

AdFinder does not have a free period. The monthly subscription costs 79 euros, while permanent access costs €99 one-time.


PowerAdSpy is a  universal spy service that allows you to track advertising campaigns not only on Facebook, but also on Google Ads or YouTube. PowerAdSpy now has over 50 million creatives in its database, with 50,000 added daily. The service works with 100+ countries.

PowerAdSpy allows you to search for creatives by keywords, geo, statistics, and a number of other parameters. At the same time, the service monitors the effectiveness of individual details of the advertising campaign such as text, banners, and video.

The service has a free trial period of 10 days. During this time, PowerAdSpy allows you to make 10 searches and generate 1000 ad creatives. Paid plans start at $49, which will only include Facebook. The most expensive plan includes Native, Reddit and Quora, and costs $349.

A relatively new service with a rather narrow geography. It works with only 21 countries.These are the USA, Scandinavia, the EU countries and other geos from tier-1. The service relies on flexible filters and data processing speed such as requests are processed in less than a second.

Social Ad Scout tracks ads across all major social networks. In addition, the service allows you to fully download the landing page along with all its videos and pictures.

Social Ad Scout does not have a trial period. If you pay for the year, the month will cost $97.


BigSpy is a partially free service that works with 8 social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. It tracks ads in 46 countries popular in affiliation traffic.

You can make up to 5 requests per day on Facebook for free with limited response, on a paid plan, there is more. Paid plans cost between $9 and $300 per month. There are also annual plans available.

To sum up the main points

  • Spy services track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They allow you to save time so you are not searching for working links;
  • With the help of spy tools, you can get into the emerging trend;
  • Most of these services are paid, but such functionality is worth the money since the work of an affiliate is greatly reduced.
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