How to Create Product Videos That Convert Affiliate Traffic

Visual content is extremely effective not only in sales, but also in principle for the sake of engagement. Some 59% of users say they would rather watch a video than read a text. In affiliate marketing, video can be a huge source of traffic and therefore income. In our article, we will talk about how to build an affiliate marketing strategy around video.

Why videos are important

Video is easier to understand. As a rule, customers collect information about the product they plan to buy. They study its qualities, features, and methods of application. All this data is easier to perceive in video reviews. The video allows you to see the product in action – they will twist it, consider it from different angles and use it. Actually, this applies to any product.

Videos help you outperform your competitors. When a user selects from multiple products, he compares the sites of multiple vendors. At the same time, he is more likely to trust a site with video reviews than text data, of course, all other things being equal.

Video is useful for strengthening the brand. Regular, consistent video content creation puts users on the hook. For example, Red Bull basically built their strategy around extreme video. If you shoot high-quality and useful content, the site will bypass competitors in terms of traffic.

Videos are shared more on social media. A short and interesting video is highly likely to be shared on social networks, which will only benefit your brand.

How Can You Use Video in Affiliate Marketing

In fact, there are only two main video content formats that a beginner can work with. Those are review and unpacking.

A review of a product involves an honest comparison of it with other competitors, a story about its distinctive properties, useful features, and much more. Reviews provide an unbiased view of a product and can be used in almost any vertical.

Unpacking also involves working with the blogger’s first impressions. There are no prepared phrases here as the viewer is looking for emotions. However, such a format can only work with what you can touch with your hands, that is, with a commodity.

But the most important element here is not the video, but the affiliate link, which is usually attached to the video description or the first comment. In the video, the blogger is supposed to say that you can order the same product from the link in the description. This is what all leading techno-reviewers do.

As an example, Marques Brownlee has attached affiliate links for the design of headphones from Sony under his video.

Another option for placing an affiliate link is directly in the video, in pop-up windows. This option is even more preferable as the user will need fewer actions to go to the target site.

When you click on the link, the user is immediately taken to the site. If the link were in the description, then the user would have to minimize the video, scroll down, open the description, and only then go to the site.

What video platform to use


The world’s main video platform is YouTube. Here you can promote literally any vertical and in any format, be it traditional reviews, short videos or live broadcasts. However, YouTube is mainly used for medium-sized videos, in the case of affiliate marketing, this is from 10 to 40 minutes.

An added bonus of working with YouTube is that the platform itself pays content creators remuneration for views. On average, the payouts there are less than the remuneration from the advertiser, unless the video is trending. Trend bloggers from YouTube itself earn millions of dollars.


The short video format is gaining popularity every year. Here, everything is much more complicated with affiliate links as TikTok does not allow publishing clickable links under the video. And in general, they can only be put in the description of the channel.

On the other hand, non-clickable links can also be used. You can also change the link in the profile so as not to lose any traffic. And there is a lot of traffic.


This is a platform for live broadcasts. With thoughtful content, everything is much more complicated here as you often have to improvise and answer questions from the audience. In addition, this kind of source is not suitable for every traffic – installs, games, and stuff like that will come in. But for building close contact with the audience, Twitch works great.

Recommendations for creating video content

Create a content plan

Shooting video is costly in terms of time and resources. Therefore, it is worth planning in advance the shooting and publication of videos. This will help organize processes and make them more efficient.

The content plan largely depends on what products you work with. For example, if you publish affiliate links with hardware stores, then you should release several videos for each high-profile product. For example, unpacking the iPhone 14 and its basic analysis, and then comparing it with previous versions.

Decide on a visual style

Your channel should have a single visual style – similar covers and page header. Uniformity helps to look stylish and expensive, such videos will be more trusted by the audience – they do not look like they were made by an enthusiast on the knee.

In addition, colors also affect emotions. For example, a channel related to pregnancy and maternity products is unlikely to use bright colors.

Take care of picture and sound quality

Now professional-quality video does not require a lot of expensive equipment. But something is still needed.

A tripod is needed so that the picture is even and does not shake. Shooting handheld without a tripod or stabilizer will give you a non-professional – the quality of the shooting will be blurry.

For indoor shooting, you will also need lamps. With their help, it will be possible to control the angle of illumination, remove shadows and prevent overexposure. Shooting outdoors can be done without additional lighting.

When explaining how the product works, a microphone will also be needed. A good camera can also record sound, but its quality will be low – it is better to record the voice of the announcer in parallel with shooting on a buttonhole.

Design your opening part

Opening part means some kind of single beginning of the video, like in the series. It could be a simple logo animation, an introductory voiceover, or actual credits if the budget allows. The point here is to consolidate the association of this entry and the blogger, then a connection with the audience will be established.

Use the right keywords

It’s not enough to shoot a video, you still need to make sure that the user finds it. If you do not PR with other bloggers, then the only way is the correct name of the video. This is a kind of SEO optimization, the use of keywords by which the user will search for the video. Typically, it includes the product name, “review” and sometimes some emoji.

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Don’t stretch the video

Short videos are always easier to watch because they are remembered. This has already been shown to us by the TikTok and Reels formats on Instagram. In addition, videos that are too long will not be used by other partners, “heavy” files can slow down the site.

If you work with YouTube, still try to make the videos not so long. A memorable review can be 10-15 minutes long. It makes no sense to stretch it for an hour, it is better to make several videos in which you can show different aspects of the product.

Create videos with your partners in mind

It’s about making videos that advertisers want to use. They should describe fresh and popular products, be interesting and colorful.

Thus, your partners will also distribute a good video, which will give additional traffic and earnings.

Be honest

Video reviews are not the kind of content where you can prevaricate. Users do not like it when a blogger “licks” a poor quality product for an advertiser. The review should be honest and incorruptible – talk about the pros and cons of the product without hiding anything.

Use a call to action

The goals of your video should be transparent. You can literally say in the video itself – you can order the same product using the link in the description. It is even better when there are additional bonuses from your link – for example, promo codes, discounts or gifts. Just imagine – a camera or a camera and a case for it with a 15% discount? This adds to the power of the CTA.

Main Points

  • The video format is a great source of traffic. Internet users would rather watch a video than read a text.
  • You can work with video on three main platforms. YouTube is used for long reviews and unboxings, TikTok for short formats, and Twitch for live streams.
  • To shoot a video, you need to prepare – think over a content plan, prepare opening credits and interruptions, and invest in equipment.
  • Advertisers want good reviews of their products from bloggers, and users want honest reviews. You need to keep a balance between them.
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